Remote Control that comes with Jadoo 4 is of poor quality with cheap build and goes faulty very easily. There are not many options available for an alternate remote, since Jadoo 4 is a relatively new device and we could not find any IR remote apps for android which support it.

The replacement Jadoo 4 remote can be bought from Jadoo directly or you can find sellers at eBay who are selling it for around $30, however given the quality and build is so poor the replacement remote will also become dysfunctional very soon.

A better alternative that I found is to use the Logitech Harmony series of smart universal remotes for Jadoo.

All logitech Harmony remotes support Jadoo 4, the base model Harmony 350 can be had for less than $30 when on sale, not only you get a remote which is of exceptional quality and is built to last but you also get the advantage of a having a smart remote which and can control you TV and additional devices from the same remote. You can also program these remotes so the Jadoo top box and TV can be powered on/off which a single button.


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