Earn money from Survey sites

Surveys are the easiest way to earn money online. While answering some general questions, giving ideas about different products and give suggestions helps you making some money which you definitely enjoy.

Here I will review some survey sites for those in Australia and my first hand interaction with them.

Not all of these websites are Australian specific, some have global reach but I will review them based on experience which I had with them from Australia.

Before joining any site you must have an email ID that you can check on daily basis. Also it is best to join multiple sites; If you join only a couple of websites then you won’t get enough surveys to get a decent return of your time.

Not all survey websites and legit so it is best to do some due diligence before you commit time and energy on this.


Top Aussie survey Sites

  1. Opinion World
  2. Valued Opinion
  3. Global test market
  4. My survey
  5. Quest mindshare
  6. Mint surveys
  7. Your opinion
  8. Paidviewsurveys


Opinion World

From my experience Opinion World is the best survey site. Once you signed up there are lots of surveys waiting for you. They don’t send you mails on daily bases you need to go to the website to see any surveys are available for you or not.

You can normally earn 30 points from 10 minutes surveys and as the time increases the points also increases. And you can redeem when you would 500 points which is equal to 10 Australian dollars.

Sometimes they send you products for testing and after testing you need to complete the surveys and get a good value from it.

I got a product testing survey and get 20 dollars from just one survey.

Payment method

Opinion World have different payments methods, like Amazon, PayPal, web shop, you can also do charity donations.

But from my personal experience PayPal is the best. You can get money at instantly. In order to redeem for this reward option you will need to make sure that you have a verified PayPal account.

They don’t have so many surveys sometime but once they have you can earn good amount from them.

And they responded to the queries in a day which is also the good thing.


Valued Opinion

My experience with Valued Opinion has been very good. They don’t give you points instead they tell you how much dollars you can get from a single survey.

They send you emails as soon as they have a survey for you.

Payment method

Valued Opinion sends you gift cards once you can complete 20 dollars. The gift cards arrive within a week and that’s what I like about this survey site. You can get Coles Myer Group Gift cards.


Global test market

Global test markets have quite a lot of surveys on daily basis. Sometimes you get 4 to 5 surveys.

They have a point system also. You can get 30 market points by doing a 15 minutes survey and 40 market points by doing a 30 minutes survey.

Their point’s takes a long time to complete over 1000 but if you really like to do surveys then it’s not a bad option

Payment Method

Global test market points can be redeemed when you can completed a total of 1000 points.

They have also payment options similar to opinion world. Like Amazon, PayPal, e-vouchers etc. I like to do payments with PayPal you they will give you 45 dollars on 1114 points and 50 dollars on 1216 points.


My survey

With My Survey you can  get rewarded by participating in online surveys and test products.. from a 30 minute survey you can earn up to 175-215 points.

They have another feature like you can participate in cam surveys. You need to see some videos and gives expressions and get rewarded in return. The videos are anonymous and just used for research purposes they also assure that they will never be made them public.

Payment Method

They offer paypal, coles gift cards, wish gift cards, body shop and Red Cross gift cards.

They money will be credited in your PayPal account with 2 weeks. And minimum redemption is 575 points which is equal to 5 dollars.

Quest mindshare

Quest mindshare is also a good site with good rewards with surveys but they don’t have enough surveys. Normally they will send you 2 surveys a week.

They credit you with dollars and minimum redemption is 17 dollars.

Payment Method

PayPal is only payment method available from Quest mindshare

Your opinion

Your opinion also have limited amount of surveys normally one or two surveys a week.

Payment Method

Their payment method is PayPal, gift cards, e vouchers.

And minimum redemption varies with the method you will select.


Paid view surveys

You can’t earn much with Paid view surveys but it is quite different and interesting and all it only takes a minute or two to complete the survey.

They will send you a survey daily of 3 cents, and duration is one minute. They also have a trait scare which increases as you do their surveys .You can do these surveys on mobile as well.

The minimum redemption is 11.72 dollars

Payment Method

Their payment method is just PayPal.


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  1. I am stay at home mum based in Sydney
    are these any good? how much time I need to spend daily

  2. yeah i am doing these surveys from quite a long time and earning 150 dollars a month…not bad though 🙂

  3. can you tell me about engagor surveys
    are they legit?

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