Got Soniq Smart TV

Yesterday I bought the Soniq 32″ Smart TV from JB hi-fi in Sydney, it has been an alright experience so far.

The Set-up and installation was simple and straight forward. For the Internet connectivity I just had to plug-in a LAN cable from my router to the Ethernet port on the TV.

It has built in apps for Youtube and Facebook and a Browser.
I had issues with the Facebook App as It won’t let me login and is always throwing a ‘unknown error occurred’ message

Youtube app works fine, though I still have to figure out how to to forward and back the videos.

You can also install apps from the app store in the TV, however the choice of apps is rather limited, the only app present there right now is a media player, apart from that there are a bunch games.
The remote has a full keyboard on its back side, however the TV itself is a bit slow to detect the input off the keyboard and sometimes missies letters if you type a bit quickly. The onscreen mouse its also pretty slow to move  and lacks acceleration.

I paid $295 for it at JB hifi and given the price it is quite good value for money. It also came with a pair of AA batteries for the remote.


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