Hitting the home button twice in Samsung Galaxy S2 brings up the vlingo Voice Command app.

I had found myself to be  accidentally pressing twice the home button quite a lot and it always brought up the voice command app which is quite annoying as it also loudly speaks out  “What would you like to do”  every time it started. I

I searched a bit on the internet to find a way to disable or uninstall the voice command however none of them worked for me

I have Galaxy S2 with android version 4.0.3, after trying many tips and methods suggested at various forums to disable voice command I installed “Android Quick Uninstaller FREE”  from Android market place, it is free app and I was able to easily uninstall the annoying voice command app by it.

Just select voice command app and click on the big wheel button to uninstall voice command app from Android Quick Uninstaller


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