Many people who are interested in joining a wireless Internet network for the first time, or who want to switch networks, are unaware there are alternatives to major cell phone companies like Verizon and AT&T Wireless when it comes to providers. Some companies, such as Clear Wireless, do not necessarily produce cell phones or smart tablets or laptops, but do specialize in providing wireless Internet to thousands of people over a very broad area. In fact, Clear has become one of the very leading providers of wireless Internet in the United States. For more specific details on the type of company they are and the services and features they offer, you can take a look at; but, for now, here are a few brief answers to some common questions people have about this and other wireless providers.

1.) How does it work? – For some, particularly those who use the Internet primarily on smart phones and tablet devices, it seems as if companies like Verizon and AT&T just automatically connect their users to 3G and 4G wireless networks. Clear’s service is just as simple; once you pick a package and order it, you will be sent a portable (pocket-sized) modem that can connect to any of your wireless capable devices and immediately access the Clear wireless network.
2.) Does Clear offer 4G? – This question is becoming more and more relevant as more people make the upgrade from 3G to 4G. In fact, Clear’s 4G service, which is called WiMax, and which is also used by Sprint, is one of the leading competitors in the 4G market, along with Verizon’s LTE service. Detailed comparisons between the two are available on multiple related websites.
3.) Can Clear Support Multiple Devices? – If you work in an office, or live in a home, where multiple people will want to use the same wireless network at the same time, Clear can help with this as well. They offer home modems that can provide wireless service to your whole home, and even offer a relatively new feature known as the “Rover Puck” that can support up to eight devices, and which is portable.

There is of course a lot more to know about pricing and coverage options when choosing which wireless provider is right for you. However, these are a few basic answers to help get you started. Remember to consider all of the leading companies when choosing your provider, and not just the one that advertises most on television; the right provider for you could be any one of them.


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