Since yesterday I have noticed that a new Google Search Preview feature has been rolled out by Google, which shows you a kind of screen-shot of the URLs/destination page appearing in search results along with location and snippet of the keyword which was being searched for. There is also a mouse over effect which highlights each search result in a bluish shade.

Now Google automatically starts loading preview whenever you hover your mouse over any result, may be some people have found this feature useful but for me it is extremely annoying, and even more annoying thing is that there is no option to turn in off ?
I have looked and there is no way by which I can disable the Google Search preview from customized or advanced settings.

Not everyone is on a 10Mbps unlimited connection, Google keeps loading the Preview (which are in fact image files) of all 10 results on the search page in the background hence affecting the overall performance of your browser and internet experience. moreover the snippets are being already shown by Google on the search page .. why is there a need to duplicate things showing them on the Preview image ? the size of the preview windows is also quite big and just clutters up the whole web-page

Instead of forcing everyone to use new features Google should let users to choose for themselves if they want to try something new or not, shoving everything in face of customer is plain annoying .
I hope that pretty soon they will have the option to turn off and disable this Search Preview thing