If you backed up your iPhone or iPod data using itunes and selected the “Encrypt iPhone backup” option while creating the back up than at the time of restoration you will have to provide the password that you entered at creation of the data backup

Unfortunately, If you don’t remember your password than there is no easy way to crack or recover it, if you have still access to you Apple device than you can take a new back up without the data encryption option. However you can’t get this password back by answering a security question or a entering an account email as this password is stored locally on your generated backup file.

If you search around a bit than you will see many products touting themselves as ‘iphone backup password recovery tool’ but in reality none of them is able to recover your password by decryption all of them are just brute force tools designed to guess the password by hit and trial.
So if you are stuck with your iPhone backup password than your best bet would be to just try to remember your password yourself or to take a new back up.

Also, it should serve as a lesson for everyone to always remember your password and avoid putting passwords on things unnecessarily.


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