Every one of us faces troubles with dying batteries, we still forget to charge the our beloved iPhones, despite knowing it very well that the battery is going to die. So if you are out and have no place to charge and are getting the critical battery notifications than there are a few tips which can help you save iPhone battery.

There are many battery hogging features and activities which you can curtail down to make is last longer. Unfortunately iPhone does not come with a ‘power saving’ mode like some of the new Nokia Smartphones so you will have to make these changes by yourself.

1st of all turn off all the unnecessary connections like Bluetooth and GPS, wifi, Bluetooth specially is a big battery eater. You can also turn off the 3G.

Lower the brightness and light of your screen and set the light timeout interval to a lower value. Lock your screen and stop poking unnecessarily over the phone.

You can also change your mail checking/syncing interval and set it to a higher value or better set it to manual

Voice calls are also a big drainer of battery, so if you want to save battery than is better to text.

Another option is to keep a spare battery with you.


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