IMEI is the unique hardware number of the mobile phone,  you can think of it as the MAC address of the telephone

procedure of knowing the IMEI of your mobile phone is standardized across  all models and vendors

you just need to type *#06# on the the mobile and the IMEI will pop-up on the screen,  this code *#06# works for all cell phone vendors so you can use it to find the IMEI of your samsung or LG or Motorola Mobile Phone

If by-chance you don’t have access to the cellphone than you can also note the IMEI number from box in which the phone came.

The IMEI number is also present at the inside of the phone under the battery , so if your phone is dead than you can get the IMEI from the back side

If all else fails than your last resort will your network operator, the network operators also have the record of the IMEIs being used in their network e.g. if your iPhone was stolen and you don’t have its IMEI  than AT&T can give you the IMEI from their database

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