The noise from the laptop fan is back; however this time instead of taking the laptop to a repairman’s shop, I decided to do the cleaning myself

But how do you open and lift of keyboard of these HP business series laptops (Hp 6910p, Hp 6920p, Hp 6930p)?

Well, power off your laptop and disconnect the supply from main, get hold of a screw driver

At the backside of the laptop you see three screw holes with the little keyboard signs with them, you have to take out these three screws to free the keyboard, in the following picture you can see the location of these screws on a HP 6910p latop

now open the laptop, in the 1st row of buttons (the one which contains the “F” functions keys) you will see 4 support clips (the 1st one is right next to the esc key the 2nd on is after the F4 key and than after F8 and F12)

pull all of these clips towards the back one by one, now the keyword is lose and you can life it up by slightly pulling up any key.

However, don’t drag the keyboard too much as it is still connected to the motherboard via a data cable, just rest it at one side and now you can inspect the interior of the laptop as well as clean it to your liking

The below picture shows the location of the clips


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