There are times when we feel annoyed and frustrated by the constant bombardment of incoming calls at our cell phone

If you want to disable your incoming calls than it depends on your phone model,  in most of the  Phones you can disable incoming calls by going to settings > Call Barring  and there you will find the option of blocking incoming calls

however, this is a very crude method and of your incoming calls will be blocked if you need to block ssome specific number or unknown numbers than you will have to install some custom application on the phone to handle this.

If you are using Nokia than some of the newer phones have “Adv. Comm Manager”  installed which can be using to block sms or calls from specific number and has the option of a white list and  black list.

Most Mobile Phones from Sony Ericssion also have this feature present so you dont need to install some extra software to achieve it.

Another tip is that you can change the ringtone of a person and set it to “no ring”  and of-course you can always turn you phone to silent mode to stop the callers from bugging you

if you need help with disabling incoming for your particular mobile phone than please post in the comments below and  we will try to help  you


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