If you backed up your iPhone or iPod data using itunes and selected the “Encrypt iPhone backup” option while creating the back up than at the time of restoration you will have to provide the password that you entered at creation of the data backup

Unfortunately, If you don’t remember your password than there is no easy way to crack or recover it, if you have still access to you Apple device than you can take a new back up without the data encryption option. However you can’t get this password back by answering a security question or a entering an account email as this password is stored locally on your generated backup file.

If you search around a bit than you will see many products touting themselves as ‘iphone backup password recovery tool’ but in reality none of them is able to recover your password by decryption all of them are just brute force tools designed to guess the password by hit and trial.
So if you are stuck with your iPhone backup password than your best bet would be to just try to remember your password yourself or to take a new back up.

Also, it should serve as a lesson for everyone to always remember your password and avoid putting passwords on things unnecessarily.

Every one of us faces troubles with dying batteries, we still forget to charge the our beloved iPhones, despite knowing it very well that the battery is going to die. So if you are out and have no place to charge and are getting the critical battery notifications than there are a few tips which can help you save iPhone battery.

There are many battery hogging features and activities which you can curtail down to make is last longer. Unfortunately iPhone does not come with a ‘power saving’ mode like some of the new Nokia Smartphones so you will have to make these changes by yourself.

1st of all turn off all the unnecessary connections like Bluetooth and GPS, wifi, Bluetooth specially is a big battery eater. You can also turn off the 3G.

Lower the brightness and light of your screen and set the light timeout interval to a lower value. Lock your screen and stop poking unnecessarily over the phone.

You can also change your mail checking/syncing interval and set it to a higher value or better set it to manual

Voice calls are also a big drainer of battery, so if you want to save battery than is better to text.

Another option is to keep a spare battery with you.

1800 is the new mobile from Nokia in its line of simple and to the point handsets targeted towards individuals who are not interested in fancy features and just need the basic calling and text messaging capabilities.

Nokia 1800 lives up to expectations and Nokia Standards as far as voice quality, reliability and durability of the phone is concerned. The phone body and finishing looks sleek in black color. It is simple and easy to use handset and recommended for those who are not tech savvy and find themselves bogged down by the Plethora of Options that any new mobile carriers these days

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A Side by Side comparison of  AT&T iPhone 4 and AT&T Captivate

iPhone 4             vs          Samsung Captivate

Form Factor: Block with Apple iPhone OS 4.0 Block with Google Android OS v2.1
Dimensions: 115 x 59 x 9 mm 122 x 64 x 10 mm
Weight: 137 g 118 g
Antenna: Internal Internal
Navigation: Touch Screen Touch Screen
Battery Type: Li-Ion 1500 mAh Li-Ion
Talk Time: 14 hours N/A
Standby Time: 12.5 days N/A
Memory: 16.0 GB or 32.0 GB 16.0 GB
Main Screen: TFT (Retina Display / Gyroscope /  Proximity Sensor Accelerometer /  / Ambient Light Sensor)
16,700,000 colors ( res 640 x 960 pixels)
Super AMOLED (Gyroscope /  Accelerometer / x/ Proximity Sensor / Ambient Light Sensor) Compass/
16,700,000 colors ( res 480 x 800 pixels)


Camera: 5 Mega Pixel with Flash and Auto-Focus / Geo tagging support and HD Video Recorder / 0.3 MP / Face Time with Video Call 5.0 MP / Zoom / Auto-Focus / Action Shot / Stop Motion / Cartoon Shot / Smile Shot / Panorama / video calling HD Video Recorder


MP3 Player: AT&T Mobile Music / iTunes (MP3 /WAV  AAC / AT&T  Mobile Music (/ AAC / Mp3 AAC+ /  / WMA)
FM Radio: none
Speakerphone: Dual Microphone yes


Email: IMAP V4 / POP3 / SMTP / Push mail / MobileMe Gmail/ POP3 / IMAP4 / SMTP /
Chat: Yahoo AOL / Windows Live / Yahoo Google AOL / / Windows Live /
Predictive Text: Yes Swype / Handwriting Recognition


Bluetooth: 2.1 (DUN /A2DP /  / HSP / HFP) 3.0 (A2DP / AVRCP / DUN / HFP / HSP / OPP / SPP)
Infrared Port: no no
High-Speed Data: HSDPA HSDPA
Wi-Fi: 802.11 g/b/n 802.11 b/g/n
GPS: Compass with (AT&T Navigator) AT&T Navigator / Google Maps Street View
PC Sync: USB version 2.0 USB version 2.0

If your T mobile  SGH-T239 is getting crappy, restarting itself randomly than it might be the time to reset the phone

follow the below mentioned step to reset Samsung T239
but remember that this is a master reset, it will erase and delete all you data, pictures, email and messages from the Phone, however the data on you SIM card and the memory card will be safe

1. Open the Menu from Main Screen
2. Move down to open the Settings section.
3. Further select Phone settings and Security
4 . And at this menu select Reset and check all options, before resetting it will also prompt you for the password of phone

IMEI is the unique hardware number of the mobile phone,  you can think of it as the MAC address of the telephone

procedure of knowing the IMEI of your mobile phone is standardized across  all models and vendors

you just need to type *#06# on the the mobile and the IMEI will pop-up on the screen,  this code *#06# works for all cell phone vendors so you can use it to find the IMEI of your samsung or LG or Motorola Mobile Phone

If by-chance you don’t have access to the cellphone than you can also note the IMEI number from box in which the phone came.

The IMEI number is also present at the inside of the phone under the battery , so if your phone is dead than you can get the IMEI from the back side

If all else fails than your last resort will your network operator, the network operators also have the record of the IMEIs being used in their network e.g. if your iPhone was stolen and you don’t have its IMEI  than AT&T can give you the IMEI from their database

related    EIR-Equipment-Identity-Register/

The noise from the laptop fan is back; however this time instead of taking the laptop to a repairman’s shop, I decided to do the cleaning myself

But how do you open and lift of keyboard of these HP business series laptops (Hp 6910p, Hp 6920p, Hp 6930p)?

Well, power off your laptop and disconnect the supply from main, get hold of a screw driver

At the backside of the laptop you see three screw holes with the little keyboard signs with them, you have to take out these three screws to free the keyboard, in the following picture you can see the location of these screws on a HP 6910p latop

now open the laptop, in the 1st row of buttons (the one which contains the “F” functions keys) you will see 4 support clips (the 1st one is right next to the esc key the 2nd on is after the F4 key and than after F8 and F12)

pull all of these clips towards the back one by one, now the keyword is lose and you can life it up by slightly pulling up any key.

However, don’t drag the keyboard too much as it is still connected to the motherboard via a data cable, just rest it at one side and now you can inspect the interior of the laptop as well as clean it to your liking

The below picture shows the location of the clips

I had been having this problems for many months, whenever I turn on my laptop running Windows XP from the hibernation or in standby mode than the all the internet or network connections disappear and will go missing, the connection icons in the Windows Task bar will also disappear and If you open up  start >settings > network connections than there will be nothing present there, however when you reboot the computer than everything comes back to normal and this problem occurs every time with hibernation and sometimes with standby.

Anyway, today I decided to dig down the problem as it was very frustrating to reboot the computer and lose your work. It turned out that the problem is due to the hanging  of couple of windows services  to solve this without reboot take the following steps

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If you want to paste some copied stuff or cells in a Excel worksheet than you can use the following shortcuts or hotkeys

  • Ctrl+V Paste Edit, Paste
  • F3 Paste Name Insert, Name, Paste
  • Ctrl+” Copy Value from Cell Above Edit, Paste Special, Value
  • Shift+F3 Paste function into formula Insert, Function

remember after copying a cell in excel do not double click on any cell before pasting as the double click will force excel to clear the copied data from the clip board, it is very annoying but we have to live with it!

There are times when we feel annoyed and frustrated by the constant bombardment of incoming calls at our cell phone

If you want to disable your incoming calls than it depends on your phone model,  in most of the  Phones you can disable incoming calls by going to settings > Call Barring  and there you will find the option of blocking incoming calls

however, this is a very crude method and of your incoming calls will be blocked if you need to block ssome specific number or unknown numbers than you will have to install some custom application on the phone to handle this.

If you are using Nokia than some of the newer phones have “Adv. Comm Manager”  installed which can be using to block sms or calls from specific number and has the option of a white list and  black list.

Most Mobile Phones from Sony Ericssion also have this feature present so you dont need to install some extra software to achieve it.

Another tip is that you can change the ringtone of a person and set it to “no ring”  and of-course you can always turn you phone to silent mode to stop the callers from bugging you

if you need help with disabling incoming for your particular mobile phone than please post in the comments below and  we will try to help  you