I was using the EDGE data connection from my provider When I had initially configured my E-72 with the Nokia Ovi mail service
since, I had a unlimited data plan so I never bothered or worried that what access point is being used by E72 for checking and syncing emails.

However, last week I discontinued my unlimited data plan and since now checking emails cost me money so I wanted to set it to use wifi

Here is how you can change the access point which E72 uses for checking for your email
Go to
Messaging > Options > Settings > Email > [Your mailbox name] > Account Settings > Account Information > Access Point

If you have more than one mail box configured than you will need to do the same for others

At this point you will be able to set your default access point, unfortunately I don’t see any option of setting a fall back access point or access point at 2nd priority, this means that when you will be out of the selected Wifi coverage area than your email will stop syncing

so if you are are at home than you will have to manually select your home wifi network and at office again manually set the access point to office wifi. E-72 won’t prompt or ask you to change the access point, it will just disconnect from the Nokia server and will stop syncing  mails


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