The other day someone request me to remove vocals for them from an audio mp3 song.
There are many free software’s which claim to remove vocals from songs.

1) Audacity
2) Winamp with Analogx Vocal Remover plug-in
3) Karaoke Anything
4) Wavosaur

All of the above vocal removal software’s are free, I tired each one of them and frankly, the results were disappointing, all of these almost completely failed to have any effect on the song vocals, all they did was to just slow down the mp3 volume.

I kept on trying different tools and finally had somewhat success with YoGen Vocal Remover. sadly, the YoGen tool is not free. However there is a trial option which lets you save audio clips up-to 1 min in length.

If you are trying to remove the vocals from a song, than I suggest that you try it with Audacity and if does not work than give YoGen a go.
Almost all of these tools will tone down the loudness of the song to a very low level. You might want to pass the output from software like MP3Gain to bring up the volume levels and mp3 Gain Adjustment


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