There is no way you can copy text from places like this

You can copy text easily in Windows using the Crtl+C or  Ctrl+Insert key combination’s, but the above commands only work in certain text areas, but what if  you want to copy text appearing in  ‘Getting started’ Tab of Microsoft Word ? certainly you won’t be able to select the text , you can’t highlight it.  the above mentioned commands won’t work here.

But hey wait, actually you can copy text from this place, or any place for that matter, let me tell you how
1)    Install a OCR reorganization software , the one I used is ‘capture text’, It can be downloaded from , you get a free 21 days trial, so no worries

2)    After installation its blue icon will appear in you windows task-bar, click on icon to start copying text, after clicking your mouse cursor will change to a cross hair

3)    Move the cursor to the place/Window from where you want to copy text and select the area from which the text has be to copied

4)    After the selection a menu with various options will pop-up

5)    Select ‘Edit as Plain Text’ and you will get the text from selected area in a notepad editor

6)    By using the same method you can even copy text from images, pdf or from any place from any software or program  that does not have the copying facility


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