We all know that Gmail offers a free email forwarding service, i.e. you can define an email address in you Gmail account and Gmail will forward all incoming emails to that address. But are there any options other than Google Gmail ?

Today I tired to search for any free email forwarding service provider other than Gmail and the results were disappointing.

The only other free service that I could find was HotPoP.com, all others required paid subscriptions to avail the forwarding feature.

I knew that HotPoP has been around for many years so I decided to give them a try with a10 MB free account. The sign-up went smoothly, I was even able to set a forwarding address, than I sent a test mail to the HotPoP account to test forwarding … mail sent… waiting ..waiting …5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes … no email reached at the forwarded to address.

Giving HotPop the benefit of doubt that the email from HotPoP might have been blocked by spam filter, I changed the forwarded address but still … no email got delivered and now even after 5 hours, the situation is same.

Eventually, I had to give up this HotPoP experiment and instead signed-up with a new Gmail account to avail their free email forwarding service – which actually works.


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