I just noticed the a process named Plugin-Container.exe running on my laptop
I was immediately alerted as the name Plugin-Container seemed very unfamiliar and I thought that I might have got a virus.

Anyway, a bit of quick investigation revealed that this is nothing harmful Plugin-Container.exe is a process related to Firefox browser and is used by Firefox for managing video plug-in like Adobe FLASH and Quick Time, basically the plug-ins have been moved to a new process of their own so any problem or crash of the plug-in will not effect the main Firefox.exe process

It is a new released feature and is present in Firefox 3.6.4 which was just released on 22nd June. Now I must give myself a pat on back for the watchful eyes 🙂

The other day someone request me to remove vocals for them from an audio mp3 song.
There are many free software’s which claim to remove vocals from songs.

1) Audacity
2) Winamp with Analogx Vocal Remover plug-in
3) Karaoke Anything
4) Wavosaur

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There is no way you can copy text from places like this

You can copy text easily in Windows using the Crtl+C or  Ctrl+Insert key combination’s, but the above commands only work in certain text areas, but what if  you want to copy text appearing in  ‘Getting started’ Tab of Microsoft Word ? certainly you won’t be able to select the text , you can’t highlight it.  the above mentioned commands won’t work here.

But hey wait, actually you can copy text from this place, or any place for that matter, let me tell you how
1)    Install a OCR reorganization software , the one I used is ‘capture text’, It can be downloaded from capturetext.com , you get a free 21 days trial, so no worries

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You must have looking those excel spreadsheets where they have neatly crossed a line, If you have ever wondered that how can you put such a cross, than don’t worry, It is really easily and just takes one click.

Actually, the line crossing feature in Excel and Word is known as strikethrough

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We all know that Gmail offers a free email forwarding service, i.e. you can define an email address in you Gmail account and Gmail will forward all incoming emails to that address. But are there any options other than Google Gmail ?

Today I tired to search for any free email forwarding service provider other than Gmail and the results were disappointing.

The only other free service that I could find was HotPoP.com, all others required paid subscriptions to avail the forwarding feature.

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Following the footsteps of Bing, Google also yesterday added a background image to its otherwise clean white homepage, naturally many people were disappointed and frustrated over this change and appeared frantic to remove the background image from Google homepage.
Fortunately the removing of the background image is very simple and just takes one click to do that
One the Google homepage with background image click the “Remove background image” link which appears in the bottom-left

Google is known for its minimalist and clean design of homepage so that was a big change for Google, however throwing it over user like this was not the right way to follow, they should have just give an option to user which allowed them to have a background image and if majority of users started using the background image thing than may be Google could have rolled out this feature for everyone

OK, so the new Apple iPhone for 2010 i.e. iPhone 4G has been now ‘officially’ announced

As compared to iPhone 3GS the new iPhone 4G boasts many news features and enhancements

A quick iPhone 4G vs 3GS comparison shows following major differences

1) A new front camera for Video Calling
2) Multitasking powers
3) Ability to record 720p HD video at 30 frames-per-second
4) Screen resolution has been enhanced from 320 x 480 pixels to iPhone 4’s 640 x 960 pixels
5) Back camera has been hugely improved from a mere 3MP to a new 5MP camera with flash
6) iPhone OS 4.0
7) iPhone 4G is slightly smaller in size with reported dimensions as 115 x 59 x 9 mm, 25% thinner than the iPhone 3GS
8) Talktime for 4G is claimed to be 7 hours on 3G
9) Wifi now also supports 802.11n along with 802.11 b/g
10) New mirco Sim port

Last but not the least, you can also entertain yourself by playing FarmVille on iphone 4G,people were not able to play Farmville on earlier iPhone versions due to restrictions put on Adobe Flash by Apple

Many of you would have noticed that at times when you open a packet capture containing RTP from voice calls than there are many RTP packets which are appearing as UDP, Wireshark was not able to detect the UDP payload as RTP

If you right click on any such packet and select ‘decode as’ RTP than wireshark correctly detects packets as RTP streams, however if you have like 100 undetected streams in a capture than it becomes a headache to manually do this step for every stream

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Decode and Play G729 on Windows

Wireshark has a very nice feature that lets you play and listen to G711 streams present in a captured traffic dump file, unfortunately Wirehsark is not able to directly  decode G729

However, you can still manage to play and listen to the G729 stream by using the following steps

1)    Open the capture file using wireshark
2)    Go to Telephony > RTP > Show all streams
3)  That will open up a windows listing all detected RTP streams, click on any stream
And select analyze
4)    On the next windows click on ‘Save Payload” let the format be as ‘raw’, lets name the file as ‘stream.raw’

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If you make frequent calls to other states and even other countries, you may wish to look into an Unlimited Long Distance plan. Some service packages are made for residential locations as well, and can even have a secondary package for home-based businesses. Others are corporate in nature and can reduce Unlimited Long Distance phone bills for businesses by 70 to 80 percent.

There are a few opportunities for businesses and companies that constantly call long distance every day of the week. For example, a phone company may charge a flat fee to telecommunications companies and any business that uses an auto dialing system as payment for Unlimited Long Distance calls. However, these plans are usually for high-volume, multiple-operator companies and not for individuals or individual offices that make a few Unlimited Long Distance calls a day.

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