If you have installed the Google Mobile Search utility on your mobile phone than you would have noticed the message “Press ‘c’ to search” on your screen.

Now, just like you, I also though that the ‘c’ means what it says, but no,

The ‘c’ does not mean the character ‘c’ on your keypad; neither does it means that you press the space bar or the middle button of your mobile phone

The ‘c’ here, stands for clear, so you have to press the backspace (or the key by which you delete typed characters) key on you keypad to activate the Google Search.


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  1. thanks, this was getting on my t|ts

  2. Thanks dude

  3. SuedeNym @ 2011-03-20 13:51

    Thank you so much! I tried pressing ‘c’, backspace etc., and thought I was going mad. I downloaded it on to my partners Nokia E51 and it says press (backspace arrow). Why on earth can’t it do the same on the E72? As the world’s largest communication company their communication skills are not good!

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