So just the other day I installed Fring on my Nokia E-72 and it worked like a charm
than I wanted to have a go with Skype and installed the newly released Skype for Symbian 1.0, Sykpe also worked out of the box
but guess what, after installing Skype Fring stopped working, it was working for chat etc and application was running allowing me log in but there was no audio when I made calls

I removed and reinstalled Fring and again Fring Started working, but now Skype got corrupt and reached same situation as was Fring, Skype was connecting to the Skype network but was unable to make calls and there was no voice.

So it turned out that there is a component VoIPSrv which both Skype and Fring Use and it is also installed at the time of installation of Skype or Fring
Skype uses the older version of component i.e. VoIPsrv 1.0 while Fring Uses the new VoIPSrv 2.0, now only one version of this component can be installed on the phone at one time as both Fring and Skype require different versions so one of them won’t work
either you can have Skype or Fring.
I decided to stick with Fring as it does allow you to have the Skpye conversations so there is no special need of having a dedicated Skype Client Software on Nokia Sybmian Phones


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  1. Hi,………..h.r.u………..

  2. wer is a downlod option voipaudiosrv

  3. not downloading voip audio server in nokia E72 mobile phone showing that voip audio server is updated error

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