After I was able to register my VoIP Number on Nokia E-72 I was faced with another daunting task

The VoIP Service won’t disconnect!!! I was not able to de-register, delete, change or edit my SIP/VoIP Profile. whatever if tired to do I kept getting the message that “Unable to edit. Profile currently in use” and there was no option of disconnecting over all the VoIP and SIP setting Menus

Anyhow actually the disconnect button was hidden in the Contact Book
When you open the Contact or Phone Book than at the Top right there is a drop down menu stating “Phone” as 1st item and the 2nd Item will be your VoIP Profile Name

You need to select the VoIP profile from there, now click center key and it would give you the option to disconnect from the VoIP service. Disconnect and after that you will be able to mess/play/edit the VoIP settings.


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  1. Adam Jobbins @ 2010-07-18 23:35

    Seems like in the latest firmware even this does not work. Even if I disable the service in the phone book, I still get the same exact error message. I can see no way to edit/delete the SIP profile. Even if I change the password on the SIP trunk and the reg fails, I STILL get the ‘profile in use, unable to edit’ message.

  2. Iam using gizmovoip in last four months. But now registration faild. Why Idon’t know. Pls help.

  3. Hai, I using gizmovoip last four months. But now not open . Every time registration faild.

  4. I can not edit or delete Gizmo VoIP profile. It is always in use. Nor more Gizmo service in Contacts menu, no internet connections, but profile is always in use. Any ideas how to delete it?

  5. I have nokia e72 and cannot create new profile in SIP setting. I tried to open default profile but it does not open.

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