Nokia E72 VoIP Settings

If you just purchased your Nokia E-72 and are trying to use its in built VoIP application and from Control Panel > Settings > Connections > SIP settings
Than rest assured that it won’t Work

To get VoIP working You need to download and install SIP VoIP Settings Application from Nokia Website .
This application can be downloaded from And you will have to register prior to downloading, to save you from this trouble I have also attached a copy of this application at the end of this post

I was really amazed, shocked and angry when I found out that E-72 does not come with an out of the box VoIP client, after all E-72 is the Nokia’s Flag ship mobile for Business Customers and VoIP is a very basic requirement of such phones.

Nokia really made it really confusing, if the built-in SIP Profile application does not work than why did they include it in Phone, so that everyone’s wastes an hours trying to get their VoIP Numbers registered ?

Please note the 3.1 version is for Symbian devices (S60 5.x) touch screen mobiles and does not work with E-72, I have tested version 3.x which is for S60 3rd edition phones and it is working fine as E-72 which is also carries the Symbian 3rd Edition OS.

After installation you will need to go to Control Panel > Net Settings > Advanced VOIP Settings to configure the VoIP (Note these setting will only appear AFTER you install the VoIP Settings Application 3.x)

Following is the link to directly download SIP VoIP settings App

Note: If you are having problems in getting VoIP to work on your phone than don’t hesitate to post it in comment form below and we will try to help you as much as possible 🙂


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  2. I downloaded the software as per your blog but still my nimbuzz sip voip is not working. I can hear the dial tone but voice is not getting from both end. Please help me to solve this issue.

  3. @Riyas
    This is not for Fring or Nimbuss or Sykpe, this software is for using the VoIP client that has been built in the phone by nokia

  4. Do you have any idea that how we can use Nimbuzz sip voip thru Nokia E72?

  5. Have you installed Nimbuzz? What problem are you facing ? Nimbuzz should work out of the Box with E72

  6. sathyguy @ 2010-04-24 13:05

    I tried to configure the sip settings for but i failed. i am trying for the past 1 month. and also i updated the latest firmware. even though its failed. its working only with the wireless connection. but i want my sip to be work with my isp thru my sim.
    Registration of the voip is success. and i added that profile in the advanced voip settings.. but when i make a call thru “internetcalls” the other end is not receiving calls. in the screen i saw only “00923343234 calling”

    please help me.


  7. Farhan Ahmed @ 2010-04-27 02:00


    Thanks alot for above advise for setting sip I download and installed it on E 72 and then after this I configured my Sip settings but still then I am unable to make calls. Waiting for your advice


  8. @Farhan
    After you install the SIP_VoIP_Settings_application
    remember to delete any sip profiles that you created earlier under Control Panel > Settings > Connections > SIP settings

    create new settings and Profile ONLY from the Control Panel > Net Settings > Advanced VOIP and also make any changes to the profiles from Control Panel > Net Settings > Advanced VOIP only than your configuration will work

    Most of the cellular providers don’t allow voip on their networks
    if its works on wifi and does not work through you 3G/GRPS/Edge connection than it means that your settings and fine and only problem is the blocking of voip at the cellular network side

  9. Problem: Adding SIP Profile @ 2010-05-07 20:21

    I bought Nokia E72. Trying to configure SIP setting. When I open Connection>SIP Setting and try to add new SIP profile, it opens nothing i.e. no new profile. i get only 2 options, eighter help or exit. how can i add new SIP profile to configure Nymgo.

  10. /\
    as mentioned earlier, you are not supposed to add profile from Connection > SIP Settings

    install the Nokia SIP VoIP Setting App
    and after installation, do the VoIP configuration from Control Panel > Net Settings > Advanced VOIP

  11. Hi, I have a E72 and when try install the sip app, say “this app is not compatible, continue”. I finish install but don’t appear the advanced option in net settings.

  12. @Lucca
    Are you installing the right version?
    A direct link to download the app is also in the post above, trying downloading from there and than install the VoIP App

  13. Hi,
    I have successfully configured the sip settings for
    Registration of the voip is success. and i added that profile in the advanced voip settings, but when i make a call thru “internetcalls” the other end is not receiving calls. in the screen i saw only “00923343234 calling”. Its the similar problem with sathyguy, its not problem of cellular provider as it is working fine with E71. I found a temperory solution to this by adding behind the number and it works fine, but i m looking for a permanent solution to this.

    please help me.


  14. i am having nokia e72. GIZMO VOIP HAS BEEN INSTALLED.From where to install VoIP Settings Application 3.x)
    under sip setting, what is the procedure of creating user name and password. under sip setting, four digit password is already given which is not liable to be changed.
    plse help me as despite my consistent efforts, i am unable to activate my internet call.

  15. I can’t even get the ControlPanel>NetSettings>Download to work. When I select Download, it comes back after a few seconds and says ‘Connection Failed’

  16. If 3.1 does not work for E72 then why you have upload version 3.1? It has messed up my mobile. Now even 3.x doesn’t show up even after successful install.

  17. The attached app works successfully in E-72 wo any problems

  18. Rodel Ramos @ 2010-06-16 17:28

    Hi All,
    Here in MALDIVES, we are using nymgo to call any country.Using WIFI ang complete configuration in SIP settings works very well.But it works only on E63. But in E72, nymgo can’t use to call. I tried to download the SIP VOIP setting v2.0 and configure the ADVANCE VOIP setting after I installing in E72,after REBOOT and dial the number, option choose INTERNET CALL__ it show message to ENABLE service of. eg: that i did. sample: (this is the one register from start and automatic comes this service. The only problem now is I can’t ENABLE the service. After asking and I ENABLE the service same nothing happen, meaning still cannot use INTERNET CALL from WIFI. can someone give me help to solve this pls.

  19. @Jiten,
    Hi Jiten can u pl tell me how t install Jumblo on E72
    can u tell me the steps

  20. I have downloaded the SIP Application from the above link but still i cannot see the advance VoIP setting in Net Settings on my Nokia E72 please can any one help me on this

  21. Same here.. This does not work with the latest firmware..

  22. Neither here: with latest update of 31.03.2010 Nokia took it out. Can you imagine that ? I used to get this Voip setup program automaticaly. I fact I also get an noncompatible error now and program will not install !!! Darn ! Is there anyway now or a workaround ? I tried modifiying the Gizmo settings to register to Poivy which it actualy does, but sound is all fumbled.

  23. Hi,
    I have a E72 and when try install the sip app, say “this app is not compatible, continue”. I finish install but don’t appear the advanced option in net settings.
    My E72 content Firmware version 031.023.

  24. Have followed your suggestion. I installed the E72 – SIP VoIP Settings Application from Nokia Website as you suggested and it works like a charm again.
    BOO to Nokia.

  25. hai, iam using e72. I already install gizmo voip and used last 4months, but now registratin faild. I used wlan. Plse healp

  26. hi,
    I have nokia E 72. I tried many times to use sip settings. but it is not working. I downloaded sip voip settings and installed. Can u tell me the steps to configure voip calls.
    expecting your valuable reply

    thanks & regards


  27. I have done configure my friend’s E72 handphone. This E72 don’t has SIP built in as per E71 does. To get VoIP working You need to download and install SIP VoIP Settings Application from Nokia Website .

    This application can be downloaded from…_Settings.html

    Please select this version SIP VoIP 3.x Settings (164kB) =>SIP_VoIP_3_x_Settings_v2_0_en.sis) for E72 otherwise your SIP setting will never works after installation and you will see this error said ‘it was not compatible’.

    After installed this SIP application you just follow this step: Control Panel > Net Settings > Advanced VOIP Settings

    Create new service or use the existing one

    All the best.

  28. hey,

    I installed voipbuster on my phone (e72) and already insalled the sip settings (3.x) you mentioned. But I don’t know which settings I have to configure now. I don’t know what to do. Could you help me please?

  29. hey,
    I installed SIP_VoIP_3_x_Settings_v2_0_en.sis onto my E72. I could also configure my SIP settings. But when I try placing a internet call thru wifi, its not going thru. Any suggestions for this problem

  30. Hi,

    We are running Cisco Unified Communication Manager 6.x at our organization. We have few users using Nokia E72. I was able to integrate their phone using SCCP Client Software ( i.e Cisco Nokia Call Connect Client software), it was working fine. Since its a trial version & it worked for 60 days. Now that i want to configure Nokia E72 as SIP, so that the Cisco Unified Communication Manager can add this as Third party SIP Device. I tried all the possible ways but i’m not able to register this device to the Call Manager so that the users can use it as an Extension. But i was successfully able to configure Nokia E71 with SIP and it got registered and working like charm..

  31. I am wireless systems engineer. I have fair knowledge of GSM protocols though currently I do not work in this area directly. I have worked on vocoders before. This software is buggy. Elope should close the shop and merge with Sony Ericson or even Apple.

  32. @Sameer
    Have you tried digging in the SIP messages to see that what is happening and why the numbers are not able to register ? take a wireshark capture at the Cisco Unified Communication Manager and see that what exactly your phone is sending to the communication manager, there must be some small tweaking required in your sip profile at e-72

  33. @ imax

    Thanks Max. Im sorry but im not allowed to access the switchport where i can connect my PC and take the Wireshark capture. One thing i could find is the phone is taking IP from DHCP pool and is connected to domain except that its not getting registered to Call Manager.

  34. @Sameer
    the SIP software of E-72 also lists the “last 10 SIP errors” check them and see if your request is even reaching the Communication Manager

  35. @ imax

    The checked the last 10 SIP errors, its empty. I think its reaching the call manager as the phone has taken the IP address from DHCP server and the same IP is reflected in the call manager but only problem is its not getting registered. whenever i try to activate the net call,it shows service profile not activated or sometimes shows no connection.

  36. @Sameer
    No error does not seem right, there should be some sort of error message if it is getting failed at SIP level

    I once had a similar problem and it turned out that e-72 was not at all sending any message/request to the sip registrar server, all settings were correct , my error log was also empty, I had to remove the sip-voip settings app from phone and reinstalled and re-configured it from scratch to get it working

  37. @ i max
    I did the same thing when i found there weren’t any error msgs.But still no luck. Can’t understand where im going wrong. i must b missing something.

  38. i tried to connect my sip setting via wifi but not registered while its working on packet data plz suggest me how to connect

  39. @imax…thanks for ur support, i was successfully able to register Nokia E72 with call manager using sip.

    @ dheeraj…. Let me know whether are u trying to register ur nokia e72 with cisco callmanager or VOIP application ( like actionvoip,smartvoip) via sip…

  40. i have a sip regesterer at my hous and i am using VOIP sittings so i am able to make calls but i am not able to receive calls
    i have installed X-Lite to test it and it is working well.
    could you please Help me.

  41. Hi

    I tried to download SIP VoIP 3.x Settings (164 kB)

    ( SIP_VoIP_3_x_Settings_v2_0_en.sis) from NOKIA’s website at the following link
    but got the following error:
    The resource that you was looking for is not found.

    Your download could not be completed. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please send feedback.

    When reporting errors to us please let us know also these details:

    exact date and time for downloading,
    your country and city,
    your IP address,
    browser you are using and the version number,
    URL of this error page and the error message above and
    if you are using a download manager (which one).
    request ID: 1296934473172
    resource URI:
    error: No metadata found for the uri:
    This information will help us in solving the problem.

    Kindly attach the same also here so that we can download it from here.

    Deepak Bansal

  42. after i installed voip 3.x successfully on my E72,i cannot see its icon in apps folder and now what to do?? imean how to create profile,or it credentials?

  43. hi i want mobile voip

  44. i want mobile link for e72 & software….

  45. @Deepak,
    To download the application you need to register in Nokia site. Use your login credentials for you to save the application on your PC. Then use Data cable and PC Suite to install the application.

  46. after i installed voip 3.x successfully on my E72,i cannot see its icon in:Control Panel > Net Settings > Advanced VOIP Settings – there is no Advanced VOIP Settings

  47. The software shipped with Nokia may not work. It is crap. VOIP service providers, especially those ones from Betamax, for example actionvoip give their VOIP clients. Just browse their website, and you will find one mobile client suitable for Symbian phones(that is Nokia). It works and it also shows the balance on your account.

  48. @Yossi , try to install this SIP_VoIP_3_1_Settings_Symbian_3_v1_0_en.sis

  49. Gamal3434 @ 2011-04-03 17:29

    i succeed to install SIP_VoIP_3_1_Settings_Symbian_3_v1_0_en.sis and now every thing is working fine but when i am dealing any number it is not going through and just going on dealing without connecting.

    any advise?

  50. dear

    i am using E72 and installed the SIP Coip Clint fro Nokia from Nokia Develpoers.

    i have entered all the information in SIP Settings and it is showing resgistered but when i try to call using internet call option it says (internet call service is not active. Activate now?) i when i click yes it starts to activate but after long time nothing happens.

    please advise.

    i would be really greatful in the matter.


  51. deepak dogra @ 2011-10-02 13:48

    i want nymgo calling software for e72
    pls sand me link

  52. recently i purchase nokia e72.I install nimbuzz and skype, it was working fine. later i installed voip dialler, now nimbuzz is not opening the login page and in skype ther is sound problem, can u give an idea how to rectify this problem.

  53. @Riyas to use nimbuzz sip u can use voipalot by selecting others in sip list

  54. My Mobale is NOKIA E72. I can not installed skype. When i give install the error come”update error”.
    Are you give any solution.

  55. i hav installed skype n fb on nokia e72 but both of dem r nt connecting 2 internet. wut 2 do?? plz help!!

  56. installed skype n fb nd other apps on nokia e72 but none of dem r connecting 2 internet. wut 2 do?? plz help!!

  57. I have downloaded the sip settings and installed. I dont have WLAN but using packet data. When I m getting into Net settings it is showing only Download and in options –> select –> if i do it is taking into packet data and nothing is happening –> i could not see VOIP settings or Advanced VOIP settings. Is there any way to do the settings. Or am I missing something.

  58. Andrew Talaat @ 2012-06-30 02:19

    plz need your support as i downloaded fonefamily voip application and it works normally but the problem is that when i call someone and this one cancell the call it never disconnect it give to me on the application call progressing even after the 2nd party cancell the call.This is not every thing but it redial the call without requesting something like phone is nokia E72.also note that i downloaded the application on 2 diffrent phones each is nokia E72 and the same problem happened in both phones.plz advice

  59. Tayeb Meftah @ 2013-05-01 23:30

    all i can say is nokia is buggy world
    i cant do Mobile VoIp on my e72 for a month now
    no sip app for me at all, all the settings app are not compatible with my latest firmware… buggy nokia, thank for screwing me up
    can someone please post the latest (compatible) voip setting app for my E72-1?
    thank so much

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