You might have a DSL modem and router and wireless access point integrated as one single unit.
This ADSL wireless router is meant connect to the internet via DSL and at the same time provides you wireless connectivity. If you don’t want to use your DSL connection but have some other means of connecting to the internet like Cable or WiMax than the situation can become a bit tricky and these devices might not always work.
Anyway here is the procedure which can be used to connect a TP Link Wireless ADSL2+ Route TD-W8910G to a external WAN.

For using TD W8910 just as a wireless AP disable the DHCP server function on it and connect a Ethernet cable from one LAN port of the other internet device (Cable Modem/ WiMAX CPE etc) to one LAN port of the TD-W8910G. All the PCs/laptops in the LAN WLAN will now obtain IP addresses directly from other internet device.
You can now fire up the laptop and use internet directly as you were using before!

If you have only a couple of work stations than you can permanently disable the DHCP function of TP Link router and assign manual IP addresses to the computers, in this way you can any time plugin in the other internet CPE or modem in Tp-Link router and you won’t have to do any config on router (Apart from making the IP at you PC auto assigned by DHCP)


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