How to use Voip

To utilize Voice over IP (VoIP), you need a high speed Internet connection and an analog telephone adapter (ATA). The ATA is the device that allows you to connect your regular telephone to the Internet. You can purchase these from a retailer or use the one provided by the VoIP provider when you sign up for their plan.

The ATA connects to the broadband Internet jack in your house. Since you likely won’t have many broadband outlets in your home, you’ll likely want to use a multiple handset cordless telephone to conveniently use your VoIP service throughout the house.

There is only one potential downside of a VoIP service compared to traditional dial up services. The VoIP services requires both power and the availability of a high speed Internet connection to operate. If either of these are down, the VoIP service will be unavailable, a limitation not faced by traditional dial up services. On the other hand, most people have a cell phone they can use as a backup so even a power or Internet connection outage wouldn’t be a problem.

1. Getting Connected

Singing up with a VoIP plan provider is easy. Read up plans of popular VoIP providers like Vonage, Lingo etc and chose the one you like

When you receive the kit, you’ll connect the ATA to your cable or DSL modem and install the software on your PC. Then you connect your telephone to the ATA. It’s that simple.
2. Making Phone Calls

Simply dial the phone just as you did before with your dial up connection.
3. Managing Your Account

You can manage your account through a secure web site. The account management software will allow you to perform the following functions.

* Check voice mail
* Set speed dial numbers
* Set do not disturb preferences
* Call forwarding
* View call logs


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