I’ve been playing with as a possible solution to use Polycom 501 IP Phone with asterisk.
I’ve been looking into the usability of the Polycom 5xx series phones as well as a few others, and now have two phones in house to play with. The phones out of the box are nice, though, I’m not too happy with the ring tones that are available with the phone itself. To me, it seems like this wouldn’t be a normal office phone that anybody would want to use, the rings are quiet, and not very alerting. I might be a little biased in this opinion due to the fact that I work in operations, BUT nonetheless, a ring is one major part of the feel of the phone. That said, there are quite a few nice points about the phone worth mentioning. First off, it’s usability with Asterisk is pretty damn good. Right out of the box, the directory is easy to configure(via xml and tftpboot), config for the phone is xml, and remote rebooting the phones works flawlessly. I must say that it did take me a few clicks to find out the procedure to do this, as I’m new to both Asterisk and the Polycom phones. For those interested, the Polycom’s use sip, and inherently the sip notify feature of asterisk, which has a builtin script for Polycom phones in particular(there are some others as well, search for “sip notify”). Also, the Polycom’s configuration is pretty easy to sort out as well, assuming you have the correct options for dhcp setup(i.e. boot server, etc) config is pulled off the tftp server immediately.
Nice for something like this to work right out of the box!


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  1. I’m struggling with trying to get my first Asterisk Free Edition to see my Polycom 501 SIP phone. I’ve been scouring the web and most of the info I found is outdated…and not relevant.

    I’m getting an error: chan_sip.c: Registration from ” failed for ‘’ – Username/auth name mismatch.

    Just wondering if you might be able to help point me in the right direction!

  2. I just found an older article that revealed some NEW information. When configuring the Polycom and it asks you for the address under Line 1, that is NOT the IP address of the PBX, rather it’s the NUMBER OF THE EXTENSION!!! Argh…I knew it had to be something simple I was missing!

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