I have had my current laptop for about 16 months, in the begining the laptop had a backup time of 1.5 hours but now it has quickly fallen down to only 10 minutes
A bit of investigation revealed that I need to re-calibrate my battery to improve the performance.
Following are the steps that you need to follow

Fully charge your battery
Go to your Control Panel:
Start->Control Panel
Open Power Options

On the Power Schemes drop box click on “Always On

Click on the Alarms Tab and uncheck the low battery alarm, and the critical battery alarm
Now unplug your adapter from your computer and leave it on until it loses power and shuts off by itself
Do not use your computer during this process.

After it shuts off and you turn it back on make sure you go back into your Power Options (Start->Control Panel->Power Options) and click the power scheme you want. The click the alarms tab and re-tick the boxes. Your battery should be about close to normal. If it’s not then you probably need a new one.

This activity will give your Laptop power management software an updated Capacity Versus Voltage graph, actually the hidden capacity was already there in you battery, however your laptop software was unaware about it.
As the performance of laptop batteries keep on deteriorating with time so you should be performing this recalibration activity regularly like after every couple of months


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  1. This works if it is a Ni-MH or Ni-Cadium. Those batteries are used in home cordless phones, laptops, and older cell phones.

    Basically to have a chance to re-condition them is to drain them completely (turn off all power-saving features) and then fully recharge them. If the first time it doesn’t work then try two more full discharges and recharges. Not using it at all during this process. If the battery is still bad after this then it has developed a memory that cannot be erased easily.

    As to on the charger all the time, most laptops (and home phones) will stop charging the battery once it is fully charged. Leaving Ni-MH and Ni-Cadium batterys charging all the time can hurt them and make them develop a memory.

    If you have a Li-Ion battery, which is what is used in all modern cell phones and some laptops, then leaving it on the charger all the time will not hurt it at all. What hurts Li-Ion batteries is letting them die out completely.

  2. How can I do same for my Apple Mac Laptop ? any battery calibrating instructions for Mac Book ?

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