I am looking for a way to copy Text from browser that comes with Symbian / Nokia Mobiles
If anyone knows of any work around or hack which can enable users to copy text from Nokia default browser than please share
Also is it same for the latest mobiles being offered by Nokia e.g. E72 i.e. still no option to copy text ?

Nokia Phones are great but lacking a basic feature like copy from borwser is a big turn-off for many users. Most of the mobiles do allow users to copy and paste text in editable text boxes, why they don’t allow users to copy/paste specific text from mobile browsers is beyond reason and understanding, I think even Opera lacks this text copy feature


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  1. Exactly my thoughts, unfortunately I don’t think that this option is available even in latest Nokia Phones, I would love to see something like CRTL+A to copy the whole web page and ability to paste it in text editor

    What about the skyfire browser ? does it have any such thing

  2. m rahman @ 2010-03-19 23:55

    opera mini allows copying by holding the action key which centers navigation keys. Opera wins!

  3. Yup, Opera allows a very neat and handy way of copy and pasting… Just hold the main action key of the device and you can select a start and end point to copy text.

    I’m trying to find a symbian way still!

    Latest Opera as of March 2011 is version 10.1!

  4. many thanks

  5. U can get option of copy and paste from uc browser

  6. Download uc browser,browse any web page you needed,go to menu-tools-copy selected text.paste wherever you required.

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