I had been playing namecheap holiday trivia contest on twitter so I required a nice twitter client for my Nokia Symbian S60 3rd edition Mobile Phone

A quick Google Search lead me to Gravity, I installed and fired it up without any problems, it was an excellent client with ability to run in the background, automatic polling of new tweets, ability to copy and forward tweets as text messages, profile viewing, option to upload photos taken by mobile to twitter and also showed you the amount of data used by the application.

I used it for a good 8 days as sadly it was a trial version, Gravity for Symbian Phones is not free and will $$$ If you want to use it.

I also used to basic version of tweets60, which is free, it does seem a solid client however lacks the niffy interface and detailed features offered by Gravity, specially I missed the ‘twitter search’ function in it. As Gravity had the ability to Poll and Update Search results from twitter in real time, very useful, in case you want to see what people are talking about a particular topic

To conclude I would say that if you are twitter freak and want to use it on the go from your Nokia phone than you should definitely think about investing some money in buying Gravity 🙂 , however for casual use even tweets60 will do


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