WD smartware Problems

I got a Western Digital My Passport Essential 320 GB portable hard drive last week, when I plugged-in to computer it automatically installed WD Smartware for syncing stuff between drive and PC, all good till now.

WD Smartware appears as an icon in the Windows Status bar and there was no option to ‘exit’ and stop this application from running, after all I was not going to keep the portable drive connected to the laptop all the time, so why should I keep its software running indefinitely ?

Not only that, WD Smartware Service WDDMService.exe was eating up System Memory like anything, It was among the top 5 memory users, using even more than Firefox with 4 open tabs and When you terminate WDDMService from Task Manager, it just keeps on restarting itself! all this essentially wasting the precious resources of PC

and of-course, how WD could have forgot to make this crap smartware auto load with every restart!

anyway, for now, I have disabled the auto load of ‘smartware’ from msconfig, I hope that now the next time, when I boot my laptop, I will not have to deal with this good for nothing software!


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  1. cOnNeCtAr @ 2010-02-15 18:09

    Thank you so much! This was simple, and it was a relief to find corroboration to my acute irritation.

    This software is so invasive, I thought my machine was badly infected with malware – nope, just CRAPware!

    WD really screwed up on this one. People also have major problems even removing “smart”ware from the drive! Don’t they know? Programs with bad manners will not be tolerated. Plus, the continuous nuisance is totally pointless. These are PORTABLE drives! Like you say, my primary concern is not usually backup EVERY time I start windows! What were they possibly even thinking?!? Megalomania?

    Up with ingenuity, teamwork, and custom configs! Down with pushy programs!

    Simply because of the propensity for rude intrusion, this program should be named “WD STUPIDware”!
    (heck, what a pain in the neck!)

    Thanks again.

  2. Help!
    I have a My Passport 500 GB
    I am totally useless with computers, could you tell me how to disable this smartware program so it doesn’t come up every time I turn on my computer. its making it run extremely slow, which is infuriating!

    also it doesn’t seem to be recognizing the device any more.
    backed up everything on my pc a few weeks ago and now when I plug it in a message pops up saying the device isn’t recognised. i have tried plugging it in to friends computers and nothing happens at all. i have heard the cables for these hard drives aren’t very good.

    bah! what bother, I thought it was going to be like a big USB stick. easy to use.. no such luck for me.


  3. my drive fell and all my folders disappeared am seriously troubled

  4. another really annoying feature of Western Digital is the tiny mini usb port of the hard drive, I mean it is so loose, the usb cable just keeps losing and disconnecting the drive from PC

    they should have made a more stable and strongly fitting connector

  5. hi my wd takes hours to download small data from the laptop. ps assist

  6. make sure that its is connected to laptop using USB 2.0 as legacy USB is very slow

  7. EBDrafting @ 2010-11-12 17:37

    I’m dismayed to see this. The last external WD Hard Drive I had lasted 5 years and needed to be replaced only because it’s full. I got this new one from Best Buy and the thing is loaded with resource hogs and flimsy. I uninstalled it in the control panel, and am going to block it via msconfig too. Boo to budget cuts, and thanks for sharing the knowledge!

  8. Denver Dave @ 2011-02-11 01:27

    I’ve installed the My Book Essential software and the initial backup was as expected, then after my PC was running slow. I elected to stop backups and this helps, but the software is still running and taking resources even without backups running. There does not seem to be an option to shut the software down.

    The directions for updating seem confusing. I’m planning on doing a backup with other backup software before attempting.

  9. SomeoneMad @ 2011-02-19 17:57

    I’ve followed all directions, including their manual, manuals on the internet, their site and various threads around the web, and I just can’t get this piece of shit to work.
    Jesus Christ… People out there, stumbling upon this thread: Don’t ever buy SmartWare. It sucks. Just get something, where you can manually upload everything. It’s much better.

    I’ve been sitting here for 4 hours trying to figure this crap out, but I’ve yet to come up with a solution.
    There are no drives – I can’t upload any files to the drive and I am getting sick and tired of this. Yet, WD provides no solution as to how I should fix it.

    I currently live in Denmark, but I bought this HardWare in the States. So that just plain sucks.


  10. Denver Dave @ 2011-03-01 06:04

    Pretty much I’ve come to the conclusion that I can run my computer or the WD Smartware software, but not both, even when nothing is being backed up.


  11. cocomyhoho @ 2011-06-11 16:29

    Easy fix – download and install the free WinUtilities from CNET Download. After install click on ‘Optimize & Improve’; Click on ‘Startup Manager’; and under ‘Startup Folder’ delete both the WDSmartware.exe file and the WDDMStatus.exe. That way it won’t auto load on start-up because if you stop the process on the Task Manager it will just startup when your computer restarts. Good luck!

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