Record VoIP Calls

1st of all please be clear, this post is not for recording Calls through Skype or Gtalk, as although services like Skype are VoIP (voice over IP) but they use their own propriety protocols.

If you are using a standard VoIP solution (your own PBX e.g. asterisk or you have account from a SIP Service Provider e.g. SIPGate ) than you can easily record or in fact capture VoIP Calls using wireshark

Wireshark will not only capture but will also play you back the recorded audio
But remember to use G711 PCMA or PCMU for your communications as wireshark is not able to decode G729, GSM and other Voice Codecs

So here are the steps that you need to follow after installing Wireshark on your PC (can be freely downloaded

1) Fire up Wireshark , go to Capture > Interface and Select the Interface over which you are going to Place the VoIP call, it would be most of the times the interface of your Internet Connection.
2) Wireshark will start capturing data and you will see colorful packets moving up and down the screen
3) Place the call, as you do normally and after you finish come to the Wireshark and Stop the capture
4) From the Statistic Menu, Select VoIP Calls, here you will see you call or more if multiple calls were placed
5) Select Play and Decode and that’s it you will be able to hear the conversation you just had
6) Save the wireshark file and you can fire it up anytime you need

This will only work if you place calls right from your PC through a soft client like Eyebeam (remember, eyebeam also has its own Record button, you can record calls directly from that!) or SJPhone, if you are placing call through ATA or IP Phone than you can still capture the audio, using the same method, however you will have to collect the traffic from your router, you can do that easily using a HUB

P.S. This post does not mention every tinny minney detail involved in setup and recording, I assume that you are aware of the basics, however, if you have any confusions than leave a comment and I try my best to help you


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