I had been playing namecheap holiday trivia contest on twitter so I required a nice twitter client for my Nokia Symbian S60 3rd edition Mobile Phone

A quick Google Search lead me to Gravity, I installed and fired it up without any problems, it was an excellent client with ability to run in the background, automatic polling of new tweets, ability to copy and forward tweets as text messages, profile viewing, option to upload photos taken by mobile to twitter and also showed you the amount of data used by the application.

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SEA-ME-WE -3 or SMW 3,It is the submarine cable network which has been providing us with internet access for years, to parts of Asia and Europe .

Called the SEA-ME-WE 3 (South East Asia – Middle East – Western Europe 3), this undersea cable network adopts the most advanced telecommunication technologies such as wavelength division multiplex, optical amplifier and synchronization digital hierarchy to connect three-quarters of the Earth’s population by phone, fax, Internet and video.
Sea-Me-We 3 is the world’s longest intercontinental submarine network connecting Northern Europe to East Asia and Australia, spanning approximately 40,000 km. It also provides its services to some of the leading telecom companies of the world like British Telecom (BT), France Telecom, Deutsche Telecom China Telecom, and SingTel (Singapore). Sea-Me-We 3 is the most complex network architecture of any undersea system in the world.

The SEA-ME-WE-3 project was started in 1994 by Singapore Telecom and France Telecom after the success of the Sea-Me-We 2 (“South East Asia Middle East Western Europe 2”) SMW 2submarine cable project.

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The Wireless and Telecommunication world achieved another milestone last week with the commercial inauguration of the World’s very first long term evolution or LTE based network offering 4G Services. The Network boosts speeds about between 20 MBps and 80 Mbps, which is pretty impressive.

Network operator is TeliaSonera and the first sites to go commercial were in Stockholm Sweden, while Ericsson and Huawei are the proud providers of the LTE network infrastructure and technology

The signs of new networks and expansions would be a very positive for the Communications community and equipment vendors whose finances have been stretched to the limit due to the ongoing credit crunch and the virtual stagnation of networks and technology.

Oh what the world is coming to!
Today Twitter again got spanked, this time by some Iranian dudes, claiming to be from ‘Iranian Cyber Army’

The news was reported by various tech blogs and people also posted screen-shots of Twitters hacked page indexed in Google. I myself checked and found twitter to be down, although the search was up.

As per Twitter, it was their DNS which got the beating and was ‘compromised’
I think, it is sheer negligence on part of twitter, how come they can’t even manage basic security, how you even seen same happening to Google, MSN or Yahoo!

The message posted by the hackers gave us a good laugh


U.S.A. Think They Controlling And Managing Internet By Their Access, But THey Don’t, We Control And Manage Internet By Our Power, So Do Not Try To Stimulation Iranian Peoples To….



I got a Western Digital My Passport Essential 320 GB portable hard drive last week, when I plugged-in to computer it automatically installed WD Smartware for syncing stuff between drive and PC, all good till now.

WD Smartware appears as an icon in the Windows Status bar and there was no option to ‘exit’ and stop this application from running, after all I was not going to keep the portable drive connected to the laptop all the time, so why should I keep its software running indefinitely ?

Not only that, WD Smartware Service WDDMService.exe was eating up System Memory like anything, It was among the top 5 memory users, using even more than Firefox with 4 open tabs and When you terminate WDDMService from Task Manager, it just keeps on restarting itself! all this essentially wasting the precious resources of PC

and of-course, how WD could have forgot to make this crap smartware auto load with every restart!

anyway, for now, I have disabled the auto load of ‘smartware’ from msconfig, I hope that now the next time, when I boot my laptop, I will not have to deal with this good for nothing software!

Record VoIP Calls

1st of all please be clear, this post is not for recording Calls through Skype or Gtalk, as although services like Skype are VoIP (voice over IP) but they use their own propriety protocols.

If you are using a standard VoIP solution (your own PBX e.g. asterisk or you have account from a SIP Service Provider e.g. SIPGate ) than you can easily record or in fact capture VoIP Calls using wireshark

Wireshark will not only capture but will also play you back the recorded audio
But remember to use G711 PCMA or PCMU for your communications as wireshark is not able to decode G729, GSM and other Voice Codecs

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