We all know that how insecure is FTP, it sends your password in simple plain text and anyone can read it just as easily you are reading this post. in spite of this most people still use FTP instead of SFTP and Telnet instead of SSH.
However due to these security concerns, now many vendors have started to exclude the FTP from their systems and all you have available is SFTP
Many are faced with a challenge when for the first time they have to connect to a SFTP server with Filezilla which is one of the most commonly used and free Windows FTP client)

connecting to SFTP via Filezilla is fairly straight forward

just in the address location window you have to add sftp with ftp address like sftp://theftpaddress , if you were first connecting to than now you have to write in address bar sftp:// and Filezilla will handle the rest
Here is a screen-shot of the same
SFTP Filezilla


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