If you are looking for a SIP client for blackberry than unfortunately you are out of luck, No SIP or VoIP Client for Blackberry exists to date

Although things like Google Talk work on a blackberry but those are not true ‘sip clients’ since they are tied to the network of respective software vendor, Having a SIP client on you blackberry would allow you to configure any voip provider of your own choice on your handset and you can even connect it with a local asterisk PBX and make free calls between places where you have these PBX placed, all this can save you a lot of money over long distance calls

Perhaps this is the reason that RIM has not yet allowed developers access to the necessary API and documentation for the development for a Blackberry SIP solution


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  1. denpras@sweetwater telecom @ 2009-11-15 13:04

    yeah unfortunately… 🙂

  2. what about blackberry bold and Curve? is there a sip client for it ?

  3. Aviator168 @ 2009-12-17 04:03

    There will be true VoIP (initially not sip) app for the BlackBerry. Will be entering public beta in Jan 2010.

  4. @Aviator168
    What will be that app ?

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