There are many ways by which you can install fonts in Linux

If you are using Gnome than you can just copy the font files to the default font location which can be accessed by going to fonts:/// via Nautilus (the file browser for GNOME)

Another way to install linux fonts is to customize the Font Search Path using xset

do this from terminal

$ xset fp+ <path of font directory></path>
$ xset fp rehash

The 1st line add a directory (which should contain your required font) to the end font search path and the rehash does a reload of the font data
Remeber that the directory you specify in path of font search must be defined as a font directory, you can do this by issuing the mkfontdir command at the directory, this will generate the required fonts.dir file in designated font directory

You can also define the fontpath in X server config file
/etc/X11/XF86Config file (or XF86Config-4 ) in Section “Files” add the line

FontPath “
remember all of the above methods require the restart for X server (ctrl+alt+backspace)


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