Fan is there in the laptop to cool the system and manage heat generated by CPU, however sometimes the noise from laptop fan becomes so loud that it starts to annoy you.

If your hp laptop fan is making loud noise than please get your laptop cleaned, the dust which accumulates in the laptop fan hinders its operation, consequently leading to generation of fan noise, take your laptop to a repairman and get the inside cleaned away by a air blower. Dust is the most common reason which causes laptop fans to generate excessive noise.
Dust also hinders the air flow within the laptop and consequently the fan has to do more work to keep the temperature down and keeps on running for large periods of time.

Also make sure to check the BIOS settings, there is an option to always run the fan when laptop is on AC power, please ensure that this is disabled. Otherwise your fan will never stop while you are on AC power

There are many ways by which you can install fonts in Linux

If you are using Gnome than you can just copy the font files to the default font location which can be accessed by going to fonts:/// via Nautilus (the file browser for GNOME)

Another way to install linux fonts is to customize the Font Search Path using xset

do this from terminal

$ xset fp+ <path of font directory></path>
$ xset fp rehash

The 1st line add a directory (which should contain your required font) to the end font search path and the rehash does a reload of the font data
Remeber that the directory you specify in path of font search must be defined as a font directory, you can do this by issuing the mkfontdir command at the directory, this will generate the required fonts.dir file in designated font directory

You can also define the fontpath in X server config file
/etc/X11/XF86Config file (or XF86Config-4 ) in Section “Files” add the line

FontPath “
remember all of the above methods require the restart for X server (ctrl+alt+backspace)

I was looking for a tool or software that would convert PowerPoint slides to video as I wanted to upload some power point presentations to youtube
As quick search on Google led me to authorSTREAM , there were a couple of blogs claiming that authorSTREAM allowed you to download the video version of presentation after uploading
I uploaded my power point presentation at authorSTREAM but was disappointed when I saw that they don’t allow any free PowerPoint to video conversion , authorSTREAM watermarks your video with their ugly logo if you want covert video for free.
After again looking a bit for a real free PowerPoint to video conversion tool I stumbled upon a nifty little application which was of course free and did the required video conversion job
E.M. Free PowerPoint Video Converter
It not only supported all versions of PowerPoint including 2007 but also had lots of other options like AVI, WMV, MPG, BMP, MP3 output formats with differece quality, ability to add or remove sound in created video