How can I use VoIP ?

You can use VoIP to make phone calls using any of the below methods

1) You can use an analog telephone adaptor (ATA) to place a call. The ATA allows one to connect a standard phone to the computer through an Internet connection for use with VoIP.

2) VoIP calls can also be placed using an IP phone. These special phones resemble normal telephones, but instead of the normal RJ-11 phone connectors, they have the RJ-45 Ethernet phone connector. The IP phone connects directly to the router and includes all the necessary software and hardware to place a VoIP call directly.

3) A PC-to-PC VoIP call can also be placed using two computers, a microphone and a sound card. These calls are very cheap and usually free, like you can use skype for free skype to skype calling from PC.

For all of the above you will need an account from a VoIP service provider like Skype


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