.tar.bz2 Are files that have been bzipped using the bzip utility, bzip is also a data compression program just like gzip , although it is more efficient but not widely used, bzip2 is the newer version built upon bzip

If you encounter a bzip files then you can easily untar or extract it using following command

tar -xvjf filename

or you can break it in two steps

1st unzip (or unbzip)

bunzip2 filename.tar.bz2

now untar like the normal way

tar -xf filename.tar

If a directory has a large number of files on your Linux, UNIX or Solaris system and you are puzzled about their count then it is very easy

Just do

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If your hard drive is acting up, PC hanging, read errors, slow access times, unable to find boot disk messages then it might be the right time that you do a scan of your drive with a bad sector checking software

You can also use the Windows disk check to scan for errors and bad sectors on next reboot but it is very slow and you will have to wait a lot to complete and it will not give you any details about the bad sectors and will just quickly pass from the scan menu

As two of my disks (SEGATE and Western Digital) had developed bad sectors so I was on the look for a good software which will be useful to diagnose the disk. A bit of searching led me to http://www.hdtune.com/ HD tune. I used it to scan the disk for bad sectors.. I was able to run the scan without any kind of reboot and it gave me the exact LBA of the sectors which had problems as well as percentage of bad sectors

There is a pro and a free version, the free version does have the error scan feature so there is no need to buy it.
Enjoy this free software and keep your disks healthy

I had mentioned couple of weeks ago that USB devices flash drives and USB mouse were not working with my Windows XP Service Pack 3 installation.

I had been looking for a solution since then and finally the problem is resolved

the USBSTOR.SYS file was missing from my Windows/System32 directory. I copied the file from another machine and placed the USBSTOR.SYS in Windows/System32 folder

After that I rebooted the computer and now the USB devices are working perfectly, I am also attaching the USBSTOR.SYS file, you can download it from here if it is missing from your system

click to download usbstorsys


Here is a sample bash or shell script that will allow you to login in a remote host via FTP and download files automatically by issuing FTP commands .

You can run this script via cron to completely automate the process of collecting files from Unix based systems.

This script comes in handy in case we need to download logs or other files on daily basis
Since, the code is not appearing correctly here, I am attaching both the screen shot and text of the code,
You can copy the text, only problem is in 2nd line, change that according to the screen shot and remove the commented text

FTP download Script

FTP download Script

#!/bin/bash -vx
//Enter below the IP address of system from which you want to download files
ftp -in<