I recently got an invite for Google Voice, may be I was lucky as many people have been complaining about not receiving any update despite having applied for an Invite for over a year!

However the problem is that I am outside USA and it won’t let me signup and register for the Google Voice account, I by Passed the initial restriction that was based on my location by using a US based proxy, have selected a number but now need a US Land line (to which calls will be forwarded) number to complete the registration. Google Voice wants to make a call on that number to confirm that I own the number.

I have been searching to get a free USA DID number but till now the results have not been much fruitful.
I signed up for Gizmocall and it did gave me a free US number but when I tried putting that I Google Voice I got the error that I need at least one Land-line number associated with my account. So the virtual number provided ny Gizmo was rejected.

Another option which looked really promising was the free number provided by myipcomms.net, they did give me a number and even Google Voice accepted that but I was unable to register the free number on a softphone to receive a call, as port 5060 , which is the default for VoIP communication is blocked by my ISP 🙁

I have also researched other options but could not get substantial results and my Google Voice Invite is still not utilized. Although I don’t have any specific use for Google Voice but still it wont be bad if I can get it to work!


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  1. SIPgate also gives free US number that can be used for activating Google Voice
    But if your ISP has blocked VOIP ports then it will be of no use

  2. You can try with Ipkall using your gizmo sip number and you will get a landline in washington then you can use it for register in google voice.

  3. Where did you find the us-based proxy?

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