Linux VoIP Phone

Popular VoIP softphones like eyebeam and SJPhone are only available for Windows
However there is also a small number of VoIP Phones available for Linux /Unix , though none of the products appears to be as matures as their Windows counterparts .

One well known Linux VoIP phone is Kphone which supports Audio video and instant messaging, G729 is not there but still you have the choice between PCM u, PCM a, iLBC and Speex. Vital features of NAT traversal and STUN are also supported

Twinkle Phone: which is available for only Linux , also supports G.726 in addition to the codecs supported by Kphone

Ekiga which is the GNOME counterpart of Net meeting also supports H323 along with SIP, it comes as the default VoIP client of Ubuntu and is definitely a very promising VoIP Phone

Another option is linphone , which also supports video and IM, strangely their website is available only in French with no English Option .

Of course you have the option of using Skype under Linux but this will definitely not give you the liberty of choosing your own VoIP provider

All these Voip phones claim to support voice, video and chat. However I did not see any mention for the support of FAX over T38


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