I couldn’t have expected this to happen in 2009! my Desktop PC running Windows XP SP3 is unable to detect and recognize a Kingston USB Flash drive.

Now there are not any drivers available for Flash drives, since they are considers to be built-in windows and Windows already has my USB ports detected, that does not leave much room for troubleshooting ….!

Anyway what I did was that I disabled and uninstalled the “Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller” in the device Manager. This enhanced USB host controller is the Driver for USB 2.0 and just by disabling that my USB drive got detected and appeared in the Windows explorer.

Now I don’t know that why the Flash drive was not working when USB 2.0 driver were installed but at least I got it working although a USB 1.1 speed , whose 11 Mbps speed is almost crawling as compared to 480Mbps transfer rate supported by USB 2.0

EDIT: I have found the solution to this problem, it is mentioned in this post



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  2. i need the driver

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