To add a Tick symbol in MS Office Excel, Word or PowerPoint , you need to go to INSERT > SYMBOL from the toolbar and select the Font Wingdings, in the character code box Enter number 252

Here you will get both the simple Tick and a Ticked box symbol.
Cross Symbol and Crossed box symbol are also present there and can by inserted if desired
Here is how they look like

Office Tick Cross Symbols

Office Tick Cross Symbols

Here is a list of user agent strings being used by some VoIP/SiP clients

Grandstream HT487
Grandstream HT487
Grandstream HT487
Grandstream HT488 FXS
Grandstream HT487

CISCO Products
Linksys/PAP2T-3.1.15(LS) —- Linksys PAP2 ATA
Linksys/SPA922-5.1.10 Linksys SPA-922 Business IP Phone
Cisco-CP7940G/7.5 — Cisco 7940 phone
DPC2203-070626 —- Scientific Atlanta Webstar

NCH Swift Sound Express Talk 3.08 — Express Talk softphone

SIPPER for PhonerLite
SIPPER for phoner

SJphone/1.61.306c (SJ Labs)
SJphone/1.65.377a (SJ Labs)

X-PRO build 1101
X-Lite release 1100l stamp 47546
eyeBeam release 1004p stamp 31962
eyeBeam release 1014h stamp 44593
eyeBeam release 1101l stamp 49847
eyeBeam release 3004t stamp 16741
eyeBeam release 3007n stamp 17816
Bria release 2.4 stamp 49274


Nokia E90 — Nokia RA-6 210.34.75

Aastra 55i/ Brcm-Callctrl/v1.7.2.2 MxSF/v3.6.2.5

BRSIP v3.0.0.1

I recently got an invite for Google Voice, may be I was lucky as many people have been complaining about not receiving any update despite having applied for an Invite for over a year!

However the problem is that I am outside USA and it won’t let me signup and register for the Google Voice account, I by Passed the initial restriction that was based on my location by using a US based proxy, have selected a number but now need a US Land line (to which calls will be forwarded) number to complete the registration. Google Voice wants to make a call on that number to confirm that I own the number.

I have been searching to get a free USA DID number but till now the results have not been much fruitful.
I signed up for Gizmocall and it did gave me a free US number but when I tried putting that I Google Voice I got the error that I need at least one Land-line number associated with my account. So the virtual number provided ny Gizmo was rejected.

Another option which looked really promising was the free number provided by, they did give me a number and even Google Voice accepted that but I was unable to register the free number on a softphone to receive a call, as port 5060 , which is the default for VoIP communication is blocked by my ISP 🙁

I have also researched other options but could not get substantial results and my Google Voice Invite is still not utilized. Although I don’t have any specific use for Google Voice but still it wont be bad if I can get it to work!

Popular VoIP softphones like eyebeam and SJPhone are only available for Windows
However there is also a small number of VoIP Phones available for Linux /Unix , though none of the products appears to be as matures as their Windows counterparts .

One well known Linux VoIP phone is Kphone which supports Audio video and instant messaging, G729 is not there but still you have the choice between PCM u, PCM a, iLBC and Speex. Vital features of NAT traversal and STUN are also supported

Twinkle Phone: which is available for only Linux , also supports G.726 in addition to the codecs supported by Kphone

Ekiga which is the GNOME counterpart of Net meeting also supports H323 along with SIP, it comes as the default VoIP client of Ubuntu and is definitely a very promising VoIP Phone

Another option is linphone , which also supports video and IM, strangely their website is available only in French with no English Option .

Of course you have the option of using Skype under Linux but this will definitely not give you the liberty of choosing your own VoIP provider

All these Voip phones claim to support voice, video and chat. However I did not see any mention for the support of FAX over T38

I very rarely mess with Oracle at my workplace

Recently I forgot the name of a table so wanted to list all the tables in the oracle database

Obviously I didn’t know the command so I had to muddle with it for a while and then the following command did the trick and can be used to display all tables in oracle

<strong>select * from cat;</strong>

I couldn’t have expected this to happen in 2009! my Desktop PC running Windows XP SP3 is unable to detect and recognize a Kingston USB Flash drive.

Now there are not any drivers available for Flash drives, since they are considers to be built-in windows and Windows already has my USB ports detected, that does not leave much room for troubleshooting ….!

Anyway what I did was that I disabled and uninstalled the “Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller” in the device Manager. This enhanced USB host controller is the Driver for USB 2.0 and just by disabling that my USB drive got detected and appeared in the Windows explorer.

Now I don’t know that why the Flash drive was not working when USB 2.0 driver were installed but at least I got it working although a USB 1.1 speed , whose 11 Mbps speed is almost crawling as compared to 480Mbps transfer rate supported by USB 2.0

EDIT: I have found the solution to this problem, it is mentioned in this post

I had posted a ‘long’ time ago that I have taken and passed the Paper for LPI Linux 201
Now I was just checking out to see the course outline for the LPI 202 exam and it seems that they have just recently changed the course for all the exams and now new objectives are in place.

Now there is not any study material/book available that caters the new objectives so I guess I will just have to wait till the new editions of books with updated exams objectives come out

SIM card rejected is a error message that you usually get on your Nokia phone when you mess with the security settings of your mobile phone and enter wrong PIN too many times.

We should be very careful when dealing with the PIN and PUK on the mobile as after 3 or 4 wrong attempts with the PIN the phone will get locked and will start asking for the PUK code for unblocking, and if you again enter the PUK code wrongly then it will also block you SIM card and render it useless. And your phone will start getting the message “SIM Card Rejected”. At this stage the only option is to call up your service provider and ask for the PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) code.

Many service providers like Vodafone also give the self-care option at web from which you can retrieve your PUK code and get rid of the SIM card rejected message

Another reason for this reject message is a faulty SIM card, if you did not play with the security settings then chances are that your SIM card has got damaged .
First check that your SIM card is properly put in place and try restarting the phone. If this does not help then get a replacement SIM