When you are having problems with your wireless connection and it keeps dropping then there are there entities involved
1) Your PC
2) Your Router
3) Your ISP or the connection that is terminating at your home

Problem in any of the above can cause you to randomly drop the internet connection

1) Check the router, Does it LEDs indicate any error ? are you able to ping the router from your computer or laptop (usually or
2) If you have more then one PC available then also check the same from other PCs in the network, are they able to access the router? Try opening router’s configuration Page
3) If you are not able to ping / access the router then it means that your problem lies locally , most likely your router is malfunctioning and hanging , which can be result of buggy firmware of the router , router over heating, not being able to handle the load of traffic passing through it
4) Quick and easy solution to this is to reboot your router but it will only resolve the problem for sometime, for permanent solution you will need to check with your router vendor, upgrade if there are any new firmware’s available for the router.

If you are able to access the router while your wireless connection keeps dropping, then it is most likely to be a problem with your ISP.
1) Log-in to the router and check the status of your WAN connection
2) Is your wireless router directly terminating the connection coming from the ISP? (i.e. it is a ADSL wireless router or router with cable or WiMAX modem ) If no, then you will need to login to the other device which is terminating the connection from ISP and also check the WAN connection status there
3) If the WAN connection is down then you need to involve your ISP to find the reason of dropping WAN connection, If it is a ADSL connection the check for any problem in phone line, bad lines are the common cause of dropping connections, get in touch with the ISP and ask them to clear the phone lines , the modems also have a nice GUI where they post a detailed status of the line, if you notice anything unusual then take a screenshot and share it with your ISP personnel . similarly for WiMAX connections you can check for things like signal strength etc


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