Once again Windows Troubles, last week I turned off the PC safe and sound but after a day when I tried to
boot it, it restarted during the boot sequence. Thinking of it as a onetime problem I ignored it but then this boot and reboot just continued and continued.

Next Step for me was to try the safe mode, I tried all the options of safe mode : safe mode with command prompt, safe mode with networking, last known good configuration that worked but still no success just in the middle of boot sequence that PC reboot itself . I even tried turning off the PC for 10 minutes (expecting some miracle to happen)

Finally I went forward with trying an old bootable CD having few disk tools , I used that disk to run a scan on the disk for errors, It found a couple of corrupt files and corrected them and that was all , the next boot attempt of Windows was successful
I wonder why Windows XP was not by itself initiating the disk scan, it rebooted so many times but never ran a disk check, It could have saved me from a lot of trouble. Also having a manual disk check option in safe mode would be great!


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