Bypass Blocked VoIP

If you live in one of those unfortunate countries where VoIP is still illegal or if your ISP does not like your use of VoIP to make cheap phone calls (probably because they are also a telco) then there is really not much we can do to bypass the block.

If you think that changing of port at the remote server from 5060 to some random number is going to help then you are wrong. ISPs now deploy special systems for just detecting and blocking voip traffic. Narus is one such tool which has been deployed successfully by lots of ISPs. These software’s are pretty intelligent and are able to detect all the major voip protocols by inspecting the packets going in/out from your computer.

The only option available is to use a vpn to encrypt all your traffic but again VPN will also cost money and If you are not willing to spend money on calls then I also don’t expect you to buy a VPN! But still VPN is an option and worth giving a try.


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  1. Shanavas @ 2009-03-09 18:55

    I live in UAE where all voip sites are blocked, but I use a vpn service from which allows me to bypass any blocked sites. It works quite well here. I am told that it works in most if not all countries.

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