I bought a Sony cybershot DSC S730 couple of months ago along with rechargeable cells lloytron, I used the normal batteries for sometime but now when I am trying to use the rechargeable batteries with this digital cam then it is not powering on. Display appears for a couple of seconds when power button is pressed but then it all dies out.
Any ideas what can be the problem? I have charged the cells for over 48 hours and it did work initially with the rechargeable cells but no luck now ๐Ÿ™

There are a couple of applications available for iPhone 3G that let you connect to a SIP provider, iPhone itself does not come with a SIP Client like Nokia Symbian Mobiles.

One option is to use Fring, Fring for iPhone can be downloaded for free from Fring website.

Other applications are SipPhone which costs $7 and is created by vnet-corp.com and Siax which costs $5. Siax also supports IAX and has lots of good feedback, Siax can be downloaded from siax.org or from Appstore.

None of these support G729 and come only with G711 and GSM codec

If you live in one of those unfortunate countries where VoIP is still illegal or if your ISP does not like your use of VoIP to make cheap phone calls (probably because they are also a telco) then there is really not much we can do to bypass the block.

If you think that changing of port at the remote server from 5060 to some random number is going to help then you are wrong. ISPs now deploy special systems for just detecting and blocking voip traffic. Narus is one such tool which has been deployed successfully by lots of ISPs.

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I have always wished to have a utility which is able to send โ€˜pingโ€™ to a specific port.

That will make life very easy for system administrators but unfortunately there is no such option or utility available for pinging like that.
Just knowing that a host is alive is not enough, we need something more than that!

1 Terabyte or TB equal 1000 GB, Terabyte tape drives have been available for over a year now but still are very costly.

the Sun StorageTek T10000B Fibre Terabyte Tape Drive costs around $37,000, whereas the IBM TS1130 (Which claims to be the fastest TERABYTE tape drive around) is also priced at 39K USD