I have been using Ultra edit for many years now and had never used any other advanced text editor, Ultraedit is a breath of fresh air If you just have the background of using Windows Notepad and Wordpad but this isn’t the case if you have also used Notepad++

Frankly speaking I had heard about notepad ++ a lot but did not bother to try it, last week I had the opportunity to use it and I am quite impressed with the features that it is offering and keeping in mind that it is a freeware. Notepad ++ is able to do most of the thing which Ultraedit does like tabbed interface, find in files, recognition for computer languages, grepping of strings, regex find/replace. I did not test Notepad++ for support for large files, I have handled filed up to 1GB with ultra edit, I am not sure what sizes Notepad++ is able to manage.


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  1. I like NotePad ++ because it is freeware

  2. Free is not always good
    Ultraedit is very powerful and specially when it comes to dealing with huge text files than Ultraedit is the king 🙂

  3. one more vote for Notepad++
    been using it for years.
    Ultaredit is gay

  4. Hi, Notepad++ is not freeware, Notepad++ is Free Software (as in “free speech” and also as in “free beer”).

  5. @H3bm
    I don’t get it. Isn’t ‘freeware’ a contraction of ‘free software’? What distinction are you trying to make? Is malware not to be called ‘malware’ because it is actually ‘malicious software’?

  6. I like NotePad ++ because it is freeware , Ultraedit you have to register , unless if there is a crack for it …anyone

  7. @JohnC, freeware is a closed software (aka closed source) distributed free. So with it you get free beer, but not the right for free speech.
    An open source like Notepad++ gives you both free speech and free beer. You can download its source, and enhance it, say add support for 8GB files if you like to.

  8. UltraEdit has the ‘unbeatable’ column mode. I used this many times, and I have never seen that functionality in any other editor.

  9. Dude Notepad++ has column mode, I use it all the time.

  10. I still use UE for web dev after more than 10 yrs.

  11. I used both for many years developing php based sites. Ultraedit looks like a more professional software to me, can handle large text files like CSVs, etc much better, and its replace is much-much faster. (especially when you need to replace a lot of chars) I loved UE column mode, with notepad++ is’s working too, but more circumstantial. (need to use ALT+mouse) Somehow Notepad++ is a very light application, for me it seems much faster (starting time, etc, except the replace function and huge file handling). Ultraedit has great sorting tool, for Notepad++ you need to download plugin and it’s more complicated to use and reach from the menu.

    I always had problems with UE coloring, no builtin themes. Notepad++ has very cool themes, this why I chosen Notepad finally. With UE it was all the time very painful setting my favourite colors on every different computer. [I cant stand the default white schemas] So normally I use notepad++, but I already installed UE too, sometimes I need to use it. The built in UE compare tool is awesome, too.
    There are some great plugins for Notepad++ which can make NP++ really awesome. But both are great softwares. And both have some annoying bugs, too 🙂

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