As it turned out that I had burnt the ram of my desktop machine which has the old intel d102ggc 2 motherboard so I set out on the quest for finding a new ram module
The burnt module was 1GB DDR2 Kingston with 533Mhz speed , first I bought a Kingston DDR2 2GB 800Mhz module and it failed to work with the system as I suspected RAM compatibility issue with the motherboard so I moved down and tested a Kingston 2G 667 Mhz module and that also failed to work .
I read the motherboard documentation at the intel site and it said that d102ggc only supported RAM with DDR2 533 or DDR2 400 SDRAM DIMMs unfortunately the old 533Mhz Kingston was no longer available as it is pretty much outdated.
Just to test my luck, I also tried the corsair 2 gig 667 DDR2 module and it worked! So finally my desktop pc is working again and now has a upgraded RAM.

I have been using Ultra edit for many years now and had never used any other advanced text editor, Ultraedit is a breath of fresh air If you just have the background of using Windows Notepad and Wordpad but this isn’t the case if you have also used Notepad++

Frankly speaking I had heard about notepad ++ a lot but did not bother to try it, last week I had the opportunity to use it and I am quite impressed with the features that it is offering and keeping in mind that it is a freeware. Notepad ++ is able to do most of the thing which Ultraedit does like tabbed interface, find in files, recognition for computer languages, grepping of strings, regex find/replace. I did not test Notepad++ for support for large files, I have handled filed up to 1GB with ultra edit, I am not sure what sizes Notepad++ is able to manage.