I just happened to face a awkward problem with TP Link WR642G Wireless router.

Everything was working fine, all browsing is fine but its just that hotmail or windows live won’t sign let me sign in, it would keep on trying and then finally timeout with a page cannot be displayed message. It was a problem with the TP Link router because when you took out the wireless router out of the equation by connecting the computer directly to the dsl modem , then hotmail will start working normally. That clearly showed that there was no issue of any virus in the pc or any bottleneck at the ISP side.
Login of hotmail used HTTPS protocol but other HTTPS sites like paypal were also working fine and I was able sign in without trouble

As everything else seemed fine so I decided to play around a bit with the MTU size, the MTU size was by default set to 1500 and changed the size to 1492 for the wireless interface and hotmail started to work.

I have heard about people having issues with MTU size, even with the linksys and netgear router but that was strange that the MTU size problem was with HTTPS only and that too with only one website

If anyone else also faced similar problem with their router then do add your experience in the comments


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    I changed MTU setup on my tp-link 642 and now I can post using WordPress without errors!

    Thanks a lot!

  2. thank buddy
    its works

  3. I’ve been having the SAME issue except that it won’t login to Facebook. I’ve got a TP-Link WR-841N that I bought here in China.

    By the way, I found this site very helpful to learn how to change MTU size on TP-Link routers:

    I’ve changed the MTU to several different values, but Facebook still has issues. I use a VPN to access Facebook here, but that doesn’t seem to be the issue as my roommate uses the same VPN and can access with no worries.

    Any other thoughts? Is there a “magical” value for the MTU I should try? I’m on PPPoE, so 1492 is the highest value, and 1480 is the default value.

    Thanks for the helpful post!!!

  4. OK, I did some more Googling to work on this problem. I’m running Mac OS X. I’ve got three browsers (FireFox, Safari, and Opera). None of them can get me logged into Facebook. I can load the login page, but it times out when I enter my login information.
    I’m also running Windows XP on my Mac. When I go to Facebook through Firefox on Windows, it loads right in. It appears to still have my login information stored.
    Anyway, I also came across this article on TP-Link’s site. It guides you in how to choose an optimal MTU size. Unfortunately, the instructions don’t work for Mac Terminal. I guess the Ping command is a bit different for Mac. Anyway, perhaps it will still help others.


    If you have any other thoughts on this, I’m all ears! 🙂

  5. the imax @ 2010-02-26 05:10

    as Mac OS X does not support the ping dommain.com -f -l sizeofmtu option so why don’t you do this procedure in Windows ? find the optimal MTU for facebook and than set it on the router.

    doing it on Mac OSX or Windows should not make any difference, you just need to find out the right value of MTU and you should be able to do that from Windows

    Also have you tired directly hooking up your laptop into the router LAN port ? what are the results when you connect directly, bypassing the wireless interface

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