Currently both Nokia 5800 and Nokia E71 are top tier mobiles form Nokia available in market , both of them are targeted at different market segments with E71 for the business users and 5800 XpressMusic as a entertainment oriented touch screen Smartphone, both of them are almost in the same price range with E71 a bit more pricey.

If we review the features of both Nokia 5800 and E71 then you will see that there isn’t any substantial difference in the things that both are offering, the only difference is the form factor and E71 offering a QWERTY keyboard while Nokia 5800 having a touch screen.

The camera, multimedia features, memory, processing power etc all are nearly same which makes the decision of buying one of them even more complicated.
If you have to decide between the two then it will all come down to your preference of the form factor, if you are looking for a iphone type phone then go for 5800 and if are more into blackberry and corporate oriented stuff then E71 is the one to choose .

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XP task manager becomes bare bone if you by chance double click on any grey are inside the task managers window. Or the area near the border of the task manager window.

The simple way of bringing back is to again click on the empty space near the border and all the menus and other options will again become visible.

This is really simple but most of the people don’t know about it and some even think that it happened because of some virus (as viruses usually also mess with the taskmaanger )

TP Links produces some great products and wireless routers but I would say that their naming convention is rather confusing!
They had a TP link TD 8910G wireless router ADSL Modem combo model and now if you see their website they have another TD-W8901G which has same function i.e. ADSL modem and Wireless access point

Spotlight features of the both say the same thing

3-in-1: ADSL2+ modem,4-port Ethernet router and wireless G access point
Latest ADSL standards for superior performance: up to 24Mbps downstream
Various QoS policies enable various application, meeting people’s different needs

this W8901 and W8910 stuff really confuses when you go out to buy one model and are not aware that the other one also exists

After about 3 years, I have finally finally upgraded from wordpress 1.5.2 to wordpress 2.7
Although it looked complex, but everything went smoothly and without and trouble
I also have installed a new theme, which is pretty much similar in design to the old one.

I just downloaded and installed borland Turbo C++ , the installation was quick and easy.

I started by writing a simple hello world program but the compiler wont let me run the program, on compiling I kept on getting the error

Error D:\TC\INCLUDE\IOSTREAM.H 38: Declaration syntax error, there were like more than a dozen of these iostream errors

It was clear from the error that there was something wrong with the environment and installation, rather then the program itself as it was complaining about the standard iostream.h file.
After lot soul searching and brainstorming I finally found out that the problem was that I was compiling the C++ program file, without saving it with a .cpp extension !!

I just happened to face a awkward problem with TP Link WR642G Wireless router.

Everything was working fine, all browsing is fine but its just that hotmail or windows live won’t sign let me sign in, it would keep on trying and then finally timeout with a page cannot be displayed message. It was a problem with the TP Link router because when you took out the wireless router out of the equation by connecting the computer directly to the dsl modem , then hotmail will start working normally. That clearly showed that there was no issue of any virus in the pc or any bottleneck at the ISP side.
Login of hotmail used HTTPS protocol but other HTTPS sites like paypal were also working fine and I was able sign in without trouble

As everything else seemed fine so I decided to play around a bit with the MTU size, the MTU size was by default set to 1500 and changed the size to 1492 for the wireless interface and hotmail started to work.

I have heard about people having issues with MTU size, even with the linksys and netgear router but that was strange that the MTU size problem was with HTTPS only and that too with only one website

If anyone else also faced similar problem with their router then do add your experience in the comments

No doubt, X-lite/Eyebeam are the most popular sip softphones and are most talked about along with SJPhone. I will like to share with you another free sip softphone which I have tried and found to be very reliable and simple, it is PhonerLite
It supports multiple profiles and you can use it in SIP peer to peer mode (which is lacking in eyebeam) or by registering a SIP number through a registrar.

Being free it does not have G729 but supports other voice codecs like G.711, G.726, G.722, GSM, iLBC, Speex.

It also gives a nice overview of the QoS by providing detailed stats like Jitter, packet loss and bandwidth consumption

I by chance captured the traffic flowing from my wireless interface and I was surprised to see that traffic of all the users on the wireless router was hitting my wireless, or the wireless router was broadcasting the data. It was something new for me, we always use wireless ‘routers’ so I was of the view that it would also behave like a router and not like a hub , which broadcasts all the traffic to all the hosts in the network.

Anyway a few quick search on Google revealed that , this is a well known fact about wireless routers, that they do broadcast wireless traffic.
I was only worried about it as it has lot of security considerations, passwords for applications like FTP and telnet are not sent in encrypted form , so anyone on the same wireless network can easily snoop on any passwords entered through the wireless.