Jobserve Alternatives

It has been almost a month since Jobserve started to redirect its traffic from Asia to some of its affiliated local job sites.
I believe that this step might have been taken to put a check to people who have been applying for European jobs without having the relevant work permit and in a way spamming the recruiters.

If you are not happy with this and want to fish for some UK/EU jobs then here are some good alternatives to Jobserve

Happy job hunting !


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  1. Well i think this is illegal as only Asian Domain serves this purpose and i totally agree with the Hijacking criteria. Either it should have been announced before hand by jobserve its self for Asia but i did not see it. I think jobserve should take notice to this situation or complaint should be laudged for this. Does any one has the Customer service number of Jobserve UK office?

  2. never bother with emailing/calling jobserve
    They don’t answer

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