Just tried to open twitter.com (not mobile version at m.twitter.com ) on a Nokia S60 3rd edition phone and it crashed its browser, tested a couple of time and results are same, I have rarely seen any website crashing the Nokia Symbian browser, it has been always a very stable and robust application , even capable of opening large pages with multimedia content. Twitter does not seem to have anything out of ordinary at their homepage , I wonder why it made the browser to panic !

If you have thousands on emails in your inbox and archive folders and you need to find some old email then outlook has a built-in search feature for you .

However, Outlook search has lots of problems, It is extremely slow , takes forever to complete, Outlook hangs while you are doing the search. No excerpt or highlights are given in results and you will have to individually open each mail item to confirm its contents.

The other option is to use Google Desktop for searching in emails, Google desktop installs an ad-on to Outlook from which you can directly search emails using Google Desktop.

I have found it very useful as it is quick, efficient and gives the desired results with a easy to use interface.
You can quickly scroll the search results, and it won’t get stuck like the outlook does while scrolling large folders.
It also highlights the searched terms in context , just like Google Web Search does.

I installed fring on Nokia 5700 to use it with a 3rd party SIP server account for making and receiving calls, all the steps went find and I was able to successfully register to the SIP server without any troubles.

The Calls were also connecting but they had one way audio and voice from fring was heard while voice to fring was mute.

Nokia 5700 has no wifi , I was using GPRS connection to make calls, I suppose at some point the RTP packets destined to mobile were being lost due to the network NATs in place by the Mobile Service Provider, something was not doing the NAT traversal properly but still I am glad that at least I got half the thing to work!

FAT and NTFS are two file systems that have been in used in Windows OS for storing of data
You can still format your drive to FAT but NTFS is the preferred file system recommended for XP and Vista OS as it has support for larger volume sizes, FAT only supports 2GB partitions for FAT16 and 32 GB for FAT32.
FAT32 still has the file size limitations and max supported file size is 4GB , nowadays files such as mail storage PST can easily grow to that size.

NTFS has more security features and is less prone to disk fragmentation errors and is faster in performance. NTFS partition supports size up to 16 EB (Exabyte where an Exabyte is 1,024 TB).

Earlier FAT was useful for multi OS systems as Linux distros were not able to read/write data from NTFS, however this has changed now and you can mount NTFS drives easily in majority of the main stream Linux flavours.

Having the security tool bar means that the security of your computer has been compromised ! As this toolbar actually comes from a well know and hazardous Trojan.
The easiest way to remove this tool bar from your computer is to use Ad-Aware

Ad ware can be downloaded from download.com , install it and let it scan your computer , it will detect the malicious toolbar and will safely uninstall it.

It has been almost a month since Jobserve started to redirect its traffic from Asia to some of its affiliated local job sites.
I believe that this step might have been taken to put a check to people who have been applying for European jobs without having the relevant work permit and in a way spamming the recruiters.

If you are not happy with this and want to fish for some UK/EU jobs then here are some good alternatives to Jobserve


Happy job hunting !

Netgear makes some remarkable routers and wgr614 is one of them. If you are a proud owner of Netgear WGR614 but have forgot the router access info then here are the default details

Default Username = admin
Default password for WGR614 = password

and the IP address is

For more default passwords you can visit http://www.defaultpassword.us/

There are SIP / VoIP settings available in Nokia 5700 Music Mobile , where you can configure your VoIP service provider and make cheap voip calls if you have 3G connection . I tried configuring the SIP setting but it turns out that the SIP option in this Nokia is just for one’s ‘visual pleasure’ . Even if you do the settings and try to connect , nothing will happen, as Nokia 5700 does not actually support SIP.

I wonder why Nokia left the menus in there when it actually didn’t have support for SIP.

Below is the link where you can see the Nokia S60 phones which support SIP

Xdrive, the file storage service by AOL, is closing by Jan 2009. If you have something valuable in your account then move over and download it asap, as all data will be removed on 12th Jan 09.

Xdrive was a good service and offered nice storage for free, it is sad to see such services closing down.
Windows Skydrive is also doing good by extending it services to more and more countries. I will now move my data to Skydrive